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iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
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Word of the Week
iTwixie Word of the Week

Congratulations to @agm16!  You successfully completed last week’s iTwixie Word of the Week Challenge! Now, just send your parent’s mailing address to “info@itwixie.com” and you’ll get a surprise within the next 30 days!

Here’s the sentence @agm16 wrote using last week’s word, code: Some spies use codes to communicate in secret ways. I will write a sentence in pig latin, which is a type of code. I-ay ove-lay itwixie-ay. That means: i love itwixie. This is how pig latin works. You take a word like rock. You take the first letters away if they are not vowles.then you add ay at the end with the letters that you took away. So rock would become ock-ray. If the word starts with a vowle you kust add ay at the end so apple would become apple-ay. I-aay ove-lay odes-cay!

We had to post the entire paragraph – it was just too fun! Way to go, @agm16!

Here’s the new Word of the Week: engineering

How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Works:
Check with iTwixie every Wednesday morning to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new iTwixie Word of the Week. Then, take the Word of the Week Challenge! All you have to do is write a sentence in the comments section below, using the new Word of the Week. Try and write a sentence that shows what that word means to you. Get writing, girls!

Have fun!

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Friendship Bracelet Challenge

We’re exchanging friendship bracelets with girls all over the world! We’re featuring each one, right here on iTwixie! Here is all you have to do…


Just do these 3 things:

1. Make a bracelet and put it in an envelope addressed to:

iTwixie Friendship Bracelet Challenge
PO Box 85
Allison Park, PA 15101

2. Write a note for the girl who’ll get it! For fun, mention the nearest big city to you!

3. Put an extra envelope in, too, that has (2)stamps on it and is addressed to YOU! This is how you’ll get a bracelet back!

SPECIAL PACKAGING TIP: Wrap the bracelet that you send in another piece of paper, or a little plastic bag. It will keep it from getting damaged! And be sure to hand-deliver your envelope and bracelet to a post office so they don’t put your package in a machine!

You’ll get your real deal iTwixie friendship bracelet in 10 days!


(Photo Credit: SevenSails)

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Cheers to these Strong Girls!
Photo Credit: ndanger

Please congratulate these girls for making their biceps stronger:

@lubist, @Hairycherries, @lifeliver166, @heingirl, @thgand1Dfan, @nerdfighter

Way to go, girls! You rock!


Way to go! Here’s to getting stronger every day… together! iTwixie girls rock.


(Photo Credit: ndanger)


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