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This October, you can feel full of GIRL POWER! 

AND Don’t Forget About:

And much, much more!

Do you have Girl Power? Tell us how! 

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iTwixie Sticker v01

Do you know a girl who seems like she could use a boost or some inspiration or a place where she can feel safe and part of something really good and big? Tell her about iTwixie!

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Let’s help ALL girls dream big and feel special and inspired. We are all part of the iTwixie Nation!

So help spread the word and let’s be heard! It’s a revolution and YOU are the reason why iTwixie keeps growing and growing. Girls like you are telling more girls like you and we are all learning that we are more alike than we might have thought. And that is pretty cool.

How can YOU spread the word about the iTwixie revolution? Tell us your ideas, right here! Together we are changing the world :)




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