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Core Challenge
photo by Carl Lender
Ready to take the iTwixie Core Challenge?


other Here’s how:
1. Straighten a 5 foot-long rope in front of you on the floor or grass.
2. Walk along the rope, barefoot, heel to toe to get the idea of how that feels.
3. Then take a light book and put it on your head.
4. Now, walk along the rope, heel to toe, with your head held high and straight, tighten your core muscles, and DON”T DROP THE BOOK!

https://travellingclaus.com/makaron/7355 Can you do it? Tell us right here!

http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/poioe/7058 When you write how YOU completed the  http://ide-bisnis.com/?primertt=rencontre-femme-belge-pour-mariage&2db=fd Strong Core Challenge, you automatically earn the Strong Core Challenge Achievement. It’s that easy.

this website Do this challenge 3 times over the next two weeks, for about 15 minutes. See if you can touch your toes without dropping the book — that is so hard — and you’ll see how you can feel your core muscles getting stronger and stronger.

review On May 13, we will announce all the girls who have unlocked the  rencontres djerba Strong Core Challenge Achievement! You will feel so strong… have fun!

Read More Here So, how did it go? Was this hard to do? Did it make you giggle?

http://gtheal.com/?marakanr=the-hookup&3e9=6b (Photo Credit: Carl Lender)


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