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The curve of your spine makes it possible for you to balance, walk and move the way you want! That is why starting around age 10, doctors and schools start making sure the curve of your spine is just the way it should be.

By checking your back now, medical peeps can help you if you are developing the right amount of curve. About 3 in every 100 girls have a little more spinal curve than is best…but catching that now can make all the difference in how you move!

So if you have not had your curvy spine checked out, now might be a good time to ask about it! That way you can grow with just the right amount of curve :)

For ways you can make sure you have a strong back and spine, check out Got Your Back!  You can even earn this Achievement by telling iTwixie how you are making your back strong!!




(Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks)

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Got Your Back
new back

Girls grow an average of 3.5 inches between 12 and 14. That’s a lot of inches! And it’s so important to keep strong while you’re growing, so you always feel your best.

Here are some tips for strengthening and supporting your back during these really big, growth years. They are easy and you’ll feel great! So try ‘em:

1) STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE Try and do planks three times a week, add in sit-ups and medicine ball catch.

2) USE YOUR LEGS When you pick up or lift something, make sure you don’t bend over to pick it up. Squat and pick it up so you use your legs.

3) SIT UP STRAIGHT When you sit with good posture, you actually strengthen your core muscles, too! Easy, right? Plus, good posture makes everyone look fantastic.

NOW YOU ARE READY To Take the PLANK CHALLENGE! Planks strengthen your core and support your back. So try ‘em! Just tell us how long YOU can hold a plank, right here in the comments section below. You will earn this cool, PLANKING achievement when you do!





(Photo Credit: lululemon athletica)

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