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What’s good about being bored? Hold on, don’t say nothing! Kids don’t get enough time to be bored anymore and many psychologists tell us that being bored is actually good for you! Here are 7 reasons why:

Being Bored Makes You
1. Think of new things
2. Find ways to feel calm
3. Focus on what’s going on around you and in your life
4. Make plans and goals
5. Dream of what could be
6. Try new things
7. Create lists of things to do one day


Being bored is GOOD. So go be bored! And tell us all about how good it was… !

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Make this Parfait

Need a great snack for after school that will keep you feeling strong until dinner? Try this!

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Greek yogurt, any flavor

- Your favorite cereal

- Real whipped cream

- Your favorite fruit

Here’s what you’ll do:

- Put 2 spoonfuls of greek yogurt in the bottom of a glass

- Put 1 handful of your favorite cereal on top

- Put a layer of your favorite fruit on top of the cereal

- If you have room, repeat the prior 3 layers

- Now put a spray of real whipped cream on top and put one of those fruit pieces on top, too

Dig in! This snack will power you up for hours and is a terrific source of protein, calcium and Vitamin C.

Send in a picture of YOURS!

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