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In honor of MLK Day, play the MLK Day Game with us! It’s easy. All you do is choose 3 of the 10 things below and take a picture of what you did. By Monday of next week, every girl who posts 3 pictures of these 3 things will get a chance to win an I Have a Dream Journal, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Ready? Just choose 3 of these 10 things, take a picture of what you do, and post the pictures right on your profile page!

1. Write a thank you note to the police department near you. Take a picture of your note.

2. Shovel snow for your neighbor. Take a picture of the clean sidewalk.

3. Bake a cake and write I Have a Dream on the top of it. Take a picture of the cake.

4. Write a poem for your teacher and thank her or him for teaching you about Martin Luther King Jr. Take a picture of your poem.

5. Donate a stack of books to your local library. Take a picture of the stack of books.

6. Find a bag of clothing and shoes from your family’s closets to donate to your local Salvation Army. Take a picture of the bagful of items you found.

7. Volunteer at your school to organize a book drive. Take a picture of the letter you write for your teacher to consider.

8. Make a coin collection jar out of an old coffee tin or container and collect spare change to donate to the United Way. Take a picture of the coin collection jar you make.

9. Create a poster for an upcoming 5K or event of your choosing to help encourage your friends to participate. Take a picture of the poster.

10. Write a short story about how someone in your life inspires you to be a better citizen. Post it on your blog! No need to send in a picture of it!

Happy MLK Day, girls! Here’s to changing your world and honoring MLK with this very special Day of Service.

Photo by the United Way of San Antonio

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