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11 Things to Do on a SNOW DAY!

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sites de rencontre celibataire What do you do when you have NO SCHOOL?

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https://grasshopperinventory.co.uk/violere/1265 Today is the 11th Day of Christmas and we have no school in our town. So we are making a list of 11 things to do today. Add yours!

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rencontre sur le loiret 11. Sleep in
10. Stay in PJs
9. Watch 2 movies in a row
8. Do 11 sit ups, 11 push ups, 11 squats and 11 lunges 3 times
7. Make cookies
6. Write 11 notes to 11 people
5. Change your sheets
4. Make a list of goals for 2018
3. Reorganize your t-shirts
2. Try 11 new signatures
1. Make bubbles that freeze – this is a must do if you are in cold climate areas!!!

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visit site Ok, add yours!

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