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Design a Locker Organizer
organize your locker

You can design this organizer and be an organizational NINJA! It’s made with recycled materials, you can be NINJA cool and NINJA GREEN!

Here’s what you will need:

  • One old cardboard, or “paperboard” box – like a granola bar or fruit snacks box
  • Glue and tape
  • A cool pattern of wrapping paper
  • Sticky magnets – you can find these at craft stores
  • Pictures of your BFFs, pets, family, vacation, or anything!

Here’s what you will do:

1. Cut off the top flaps of the paperboard box.

2. Use wrapping paper, wrap the box like you wrap a birthday present.

3. Cut the top with the open area so that you can put things into the box. Finish the top edges with duck tape.

4. Decorate the front with pictures of your BFFs, your summer vacation, your pet… anything really! Glue them all over the front side of the box. Every time you check your locker – you’ll love seeing photos of the people, pets, things or whatever, that make you smile :)

5. Stick the magnets to the backside so it will stick to the inside door of your locker. You’ll love how it will hold important homework, paper, notes, and reminders.

More ideas:
- Make another with a bigger or smaller box
- An old box from a deck of cards could make a really cool pencil holder
- Put sticky magnets on the back of  post it notes.
- Place the note pad next to your pencil holder to create a “don’t forget” tool

Now you’re an organizational NINJA! Send us a photo of your finished project!


(Photo Credit: anselm23)

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Save Your Memories Here

The design of this box is “rustic” so that it will fit the look of camp or summer outdoor memories.

You Will Need:

  • Wooden box with lid
  • Wooden alphabet tiles (can be found in local craft supply or old games!)
  • Acrylic paint: sunflower (dark yellow), brown and white
  • Wide paintbrush
  • Acrylic sealer spray
  • White craft glue

You will:

  1. Squeeze out three pools of paint, one of each color, about the size of half dollars.
  2. Drag the side of your paintbrush through one color, then keeping it on the plate, drag it through the other color.
  3. The idea here is to blend and streak the colors, but not completely mix them. By dragging them together you will leave a streaky look on your box that looks aged.
  4. Paint the box and the lid, all the while dragging your paintbrush through the paint colors, combining but not mixing.
  5. Once box is dry, have an adult spray it with two coats of acrylic sealer in a well ventilated area. Let dry.

  6. Use white craft glue to attach alphabet tiles spelling out “MY CAMP STUFF” or “MY STUFF.”  Let dry.



(Special Thanks to spoonful.com and Amanda Formaro for ideas, directions and photos!)

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Make this Cute Mailbox

Here’s what you will need:

  • Lidded coffee can plus extra lid (or sturdy plastic of different color)
  • Hammer and nail
  • Scissors
  • Brad fastener
  • Bungee cord(s)
  • Pad and pencil or marker

Here’s what you will do:

  1. Ask a parent to help.
  2. Use the hammer and nail to make a hole in the can’s side about 2 inches above the bottom rim.
  3. Cut a rectangular flag from the extra lid, use the nail to make a hole in it near one end, and secure it to the can with a brad fastener (watch out for sharp edges). This will let peeps know when there is mail inside!
  4. Use bungee cords to secure the can to a tree or post, and leave a pad and pencil inside for jotting notes. (bungee cords can be tricky so be sure you have an adult help you with this!)

Cute mailbox, right? Remember to check it every day! ;)


(Special thanks for the photo and idea to Spoonful!)

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