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iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
girls can change the world
ALL Welcome for the UPMC Writing Contest

Hey girls! You can still write a blog post about how a woman or a girl has made a lasting impact on history or is changing the world today. The deadline for this contest has been extended! And you could win some CASH! Just send your entry to “info@itwixie.com” by March 11, 2016! You could win 1 of 3 cash prizes! That’s right, a cash prize of $100, $50 and $25 will be given to 3 lucky kids!

Be sure to:
- keep your blog post to less than 1,000 words
- use Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as your inspiration (see the quote below)
- email your entry to “info@itwixie.com” by March 11! Make sure you include: your first and last name, age, grade, school, contact name, phone number and email address of parent (Your information will NEVER be shared with anyone, anytime, apart from getting you your prize, if you are our winner! Here’s our privacy policy)

Thank you, UPMC, for this amazing contest! What a terrific way to celebrate February as Black History Month and March as Women’s History Month!

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Consider this quote from Dr. King:Cash prize listing

…this refusal to be stopped, this courage to be, this determination to go on in spite of, is the hallmark of great movements.





iTwixie is a proud member of the Girls Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania and is delighted to support this amazing contest!

Girls Coalition

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Congratulations to iTwixie’s First BeYOUtiful Tween

iTwixie is all about You being YOU — Beautiful YOU — inside and out!!   Truly BeYOUtiful!!

We are announcing the winner of our first iTwixie BeYOUtiful Contest today.  The winner is @Gertie1999.  CONGRATULATONS @Gertie1999!!


Here is what the girl nominating her said: “Gertie1999 – she’s one of the most amazing people I know. She’s always there for me when I need someone to talk to, she’s so brave, she’s funny and smart, and she is who she is despite people who put her down for it! She deserves this more than anyone, she really is BeYOUtiful inside and out!”

So give her a SHOUT OUT in the comments below!!  Here’s to our first evah iTwixie BeYOUtiful Tween … and to many more!!!



(Photo Credit: GabrielaP93)

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Top 10 Tween Websites

These are the top 10 websites, nominated and voted for by iTwixie Tween Girls:


Thanks so much, girls, for creating this great list! Now what do you think about reviewing them?



(Photo Credit: abbamouse)

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Vote for iTwixie’s First BeYOUtiful Tween

Check the descriptions of the girls nominated and vote for your fave! The winner of iTwixie’s first BeYOUtiful Contest will be announced next week on Sunday, June 23.  The best of luck to all our BeYOUtiful nominees!

[gravityform id="34" name="Read about these girls and vote for your fave BeYOUtiful iTwixie girl!" ajax="true"]


(Photo Credit: GabrielaP93)

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New BeYOUtiful Contest

Who do YOU think is BeYOUtiful? Nominate her now for iTwixie’s BeYOUtiful Tween! Here’s how:

Just write her name in the comments section below and tell us why she is BeYOUtiful to you. Is she funny? Smart? Super comfortable in her own skin and makes you want to be that way, too? Does she inspire you? Give a SHOUT OUT by telling all of iTwixie what you find BeYOUtiful.

That’s it! Next week, on June 16,  we will vote for the first, ever iTwixie’s BeYOUtiful Tween Contest. And we’ll list all of the girls who are nominated and why… how cool is this?

ALL iTwixie girls rock at being BeYOUtiful!!


(Photo Credit: GabrielaP93)

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Vote for Your Fave Websites

Check out this great list of fave websites made by iTwixie girls! Do you see your fave websites here? You can add one in the box labeled “other!”  You can also vote more than once.

[gravityform id="30" name="Vote for you fave websites right here!" ajax="true"]

Next week, on June 13, iTwixie will list the top 10 Tween Girl Websites!! Check back to see if you agree ;)



(Photo Credit: San Jose Library)

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Fave Tween Websites

Let your iTwixie BFFs in on your fave places to go online! Just enter at least 5 of your fave websites in the comments below. Really, it would be so fabulous if you would list your fave websites no matter how long the list is!! Then we will have a great list to vote on ;)

Next week, on June 6, we will put together a list of your fave websites for you to vote.

Then on June 13 we will put up YOUR list of the top 10 Tween Girl websites.

This is gonna be so much fun. Join in!


(Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup)

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Real or Fake?

Look at the feature photos above. Can you tell which one is real? The only thing that’s different between the two photos is the color…yet one is a fake!

Take iTwixie’s Real or Fake Challenge:
Guess which photo is real in the comments section. You will win the challenge just by telling us what you think!


How do you feel about images of women being changed to make their faces, bodies, hair or other body parts different from the original photos?

You can get involved, too. Just write a blog and tell the world how YOU feel about the fake images magazines feature on their pages.

Write letters to your fave magazines and ask them to change their policies. Tell your iTwixie friends! Your ideas to make images more real and true will make a difference. Together, we can make a huge difference!


Get this: Jessica Barlow, petitioned Cleo to change its policy on images of young girls and Cleo did! Three Cheers for Jessica!!!

14 year-old Julia Bluhm started a petition for Seventeen Magazine to include one, photo-shop-free double page spread photo in every issue. She got over 84,000 signatures and Seventeen Magazine agreed! How cool is that?!?

You can get involved, too. Write a blog about what you think about all of this!

Send a letter to a publisher… start a petition… start a club… so many ways YOU can keep changing the world, iTwixie girls. YOU ROCK!


(Special thanks to Jerry Lodriguss and Change.org)

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Top 10 Ways to Stop the Drama
photo by zalouk webdesign

You are going to love this! Ready? Here are… DRUMROLL…

iTwixie’s Top 10 Ways to Stop the Drama:

10. Help Others. When we help others it helps us feel thankful for all we have.

9.  Calm yourself down before talking through a disagreement or something emotional with your friends.

8. When you hear gossip, don’t repeat it.

7. Follow this rule of thumb: If she’s gossiping about someone else, she’s gossiping about you; don’t tell her stuff.

6. Give your opinion then listen. If your BFF still struggles with what to do,  keep listening. Don’t argue. She’s just trying to figure it out.

5. Listen and Lock It: when your BFF tells you something, keep it to yourself.

4. If you see gossip online or on social media sites, don’t share it, don’t forward it, just delete it. And always tell an adult if it’s harmful about someone. Adults cannot help if they don’t know.

3. Remind yourself: we’re just kids. We are not perfect. It’s ok to mess up. Apologize and move on. Learn and grow from it.

2. When gossip starts, walk away or change the subject.

1. Find drama-free friends – seriously – this works.

Whatchya think? Are girls all about drama? Got any tips to add? Do you like these? Tell us in the comments section below:

(Photo Credit: zalouk webdesign)

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