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Famous Women and Girls Born in January
Famous Women Engineers

Is your birthday in January? Check out these famous women and girls and find out who shares your special day with you, and what make her so amazing. Have fun!

1st JanuaryNoor Inayat Khan1914 - Hindustani Special Ops Agent Maria Edgeworth, 1768 – Anglo Irish Writer Audrey Wurdemann, 1911 – American Poet
2nd JanuaryMartha Carey Thomas, 1857 – US Educator and Suffragist Lillian Leitzel, 1892 – German Acrobat and Strongwoman Sadie Tanner Mossell, 1898 – African American AttorneyJuanita Jackson Mitchell, 1913 – African American Lawyer Slava Raskaj, 1877 – Croatian Watercolourist
3rd JanuaryLucretia Mott, 1793 – US Abolitionist, Activist & Reformer Helen Parkhurst, 1887 – American Educator Carolyn Haywood, 1898 – American Author and Illustrator Dorothy Arzner, 1897 – American Screenwriter & Director
4th JanuaryJohanna Westerdijk, 1883 – Dutch BotanistMeta Vannas, 1924 – Estonian Soviet Politician
5th JanuaryJeannette Piccard, 1895 – US High Altitude Balloonist (videoElizabeth Cotten, 1893 – African American Singer Songwriter Stella Gibbons, 1902 – British Author and JournalistKathleen Kenyon, 1906 – British Archaeologist
6th JanuaryAleksandra Ekster, 1882 – Russian Painter and Designer Melchora Aquino, 1812 – Filipina Revolutionary Kathryn Hulme, 1900 – American Author and Memoirist
7th JanuaryZora Hurston, 1891 – US Folklorist and Anthropologist Clara Haskil, 1895 – Romanian Classical Pianist Mirja Hietamies, 1931 – Finnish Cross Country Skier
8th JanuaryFanny Bullock Workman, 1859 – US Explorer and Mountaineer Mary Kenney O’Sullivan, 1864 – US Union Organiser Emily Balch, 1867 – American Winner of Nobel Peace Prize
9th JanuaryElizabeth Britton, 1857 – American BotanistCassandra Austen, 1773 – British Watercolourist Carrie Chapman Catt, 1859 – US Women’s Rights Activist Alma Ziegler, 1918 – American Baseball Player
10th JanuaryBarbara Hepworth, 1903 – British Modernist Sculptor Katherine Blodgett, 1898 – British Inventor Violette Cordery, 1900 – British Racing Driver (Video)
11th JanuaryAlice Paul, 1885 – American Suffragist Eva Le Galliene, 1899 – British American Actress & Director Kwon Ki-ok, 1901 – Korean Pilot Nora Haysen, 1911 – Australian Artist
12th JanuaryMarika Stiernstedt, 1875 – Author & Chair of Swedish Writers Union Laura Adams Armer, 1874 – American Artist and Writer Rosalba Carriera, 1673 – Italian Artist
13th JanuarySabine Zlatin, 1907 – Polish/French Nurse who helped Jewish children in WW2 Dachine Rainer, 1921 – American British Poet and Anarchist Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, 1926 – American Academic
14th JanuaryCorona Schröter, 1751 – German Musician and Composer ​Berthe Morisot, 1841 – French Impressionist Painter Nina Ricci, 1883 – Italian French Fashion Designer
15th JanuarySofia Kovalevskaya, 1850 – Russian Mathematician Maria Mitchell, 1818 – American Astronomer Mazo de la Roche, 1879 – Canadian Author
16th JanuaryDian Fossey, 1932 – American Zoologist & Gorilla Expert Eleanor Marx, 1855 – British Socialist Feminist Activist Dorothe Engelbretsdatter, 1634 – Norwegian AuthorRuth Rose, 1896 – American Screenwriter
17th JanuaryEdith Green, 1910 – US Politician, Reformer & Educator Ellen Wood, 1814 – British NovelistAlva Belmont, 1853 – American Suffragist & Philanthropist
18th JanuaryClara Nordstrom, 1886 – Swedish/German Writer & Translator Elena Arizmendi Mejia, 1884 – Mexican Feminist & Founder of the Neutral White Cross
19th JanuaryAnne Hummert, 1905 – American Radio Pioneer Sophie Taeuber-Arp, 1889 – Swiss Artist, Sculptor & Dancer ​Magda Tagliaferro, 1893 – Brazilian Pianist (video)
20th JanuaryAnne Clough, 1820 – British Suffragist & reformer Clarice Cliff, 1899 – British PotterFleur Cowles, 1908 – American Writer & Illustrator Joy Adamson, 1910 – Austrian Naturalist & Writer Julia Morgan, 1872 – American Architect
21st JanuarySophia Jex-Blake, 1840 – British Physician, Teacher & Feminist Eva Ibbotson, 1925 – Austrian British Children’s Writer
22nd JanuaryBeatrice Webb, 1858 – British Sociologist & Economist Beryl Swain, 1936 – British TT Motorcycle Racer
23rd JanuaryGertrude Elion, 1918 – US Biochemist & Pharmacologist Camilla Collett, 1813 – Norwegian Feminist Writer Grete Schütte-Lihotzky, 1897 – Austrian Architect Tatiana Proskouriakoff, 1909 – Russian American Architect and Archaeologist
24th JanuaryMarguerite Durand, 1864 – French Journalist, Actress & Suffragette ​Hedwig “Vicki” Baum, 1888 – Austrian Author ​Doris Haddock, 1910 – American Political Activist
25th JanuaryVirginia Woolf, 1882 – British Writer and Feminist Ramabai Ranade, 1862 – Indian Social Worker and Activist Julia Smith, 1905 – American Composer and Pianist
26th JanuaryBessie Coleman, 1892 – African American Aviator Mary Mapes Dodge, 1831 – American Writer and Editor Patricia Hughes, 1923 – British Radio Presenter
27th JanuaryHester Thrale, 1741 – British Diarist and Author Beatrice Tinsley, 1941 – New Zealand Astronomer Georgia Neese Clark, 1898 – American Economist
28th JanuaryAda Chew, 1870 – British Union Organiser and Suffragist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 1873 – French Writer & Performer Marthe Bibesco, 1886 – Romanian/French Writer Alice Neel, 1900 – American Painter Nien Cheng, 1915 – Chinese Author
29th JanuaryMarguerite Canal, 1890 – French Composer and Conductor Muna Lee, 1895 – American/Puerto Rican Poet and Activist
30th JanuaryBarbara Tuchman, 1912 – American Historian and author ​Amrita Sher-Gil, 1913 – Hungarian born Indian Artist Marianne Ferber, 1923 – Czech Canadian Economist Machiko Hasegawa, 1920 – Japanese Manga Artist
31st JanuaryFreya Stark, 1893 – British Explorer and Travel Writer Alva Myrdal, 1902 – Swedish Sociologist & Nobel Prize winner Matilda Knowles, 1864 – Irish Botanist and Lichenologist _____________________________________
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31 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Lili Cheng
Famous Women Engineers

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No. 31: Microsoft's Lili Cheng

It’s something we all love to do: dream big dreams of our futures. That is what Lili Cheng did as a little girl and now she is a distinguished engineer in Microsoft’s AI & Research division. Cheng is a 20-year Microsoft veteran currently working on smart, conversational bots (the Microsoft Bot Framework). In other words, Microsoft has no intention of ceding the voice interface market to Amazon Alexa, and Cheng is charged with making that so.

And, she helped organize a two-day gathering of all things bot in New York known as Botness. And before all that, she was the director of user experience for Microsoft Windows.

Internally, she’s known as the person behind Kodu Game Lab, a game for teaching kids programming, created seven years ago.

Thank you for these 31 great examples of big dreamers, big learners and big doers, Business Insider! Here’s to an inspiration month of learning about Engineers Like You! Thanks!!!

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30 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Joyce Tung
Famous Women Engineers

Number 30: 23andMe’s Joyce Tung

No. 30: 23andMe's Joyce Tung

When she was just a little girl she dreamed of her own success, just like you. And now, Joyce Tung, is vice president of research at 23andMe.

She studied and received her PhD is in biology and genetics and has a minor in computer science. So she is actually not an engineer. But she is a key player at the company that pioneered home genetic tests. Business professionals expect this to become a $10 billion industry by 2020. That’s a huge deal! This new kind of work is going to have a huge impact on how people understand their ancestry and their bodies.

Tung is leading a team of scientists responsible for the company’s research services that is beginning to influence everything from clinical treatment and drug development to insights into human development.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this amazing resource of role model engineers!

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29 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Bear Douglas
Famous Women Engineers

Number 29: Slack’s Bear Douglas

No. 29: Slack's Bear Douglas

Bear DouglasTwitter

Bear Douglas is the Developer Advocacy Lead at Slack.

Douglas just joined Slack from Twitter to help it serve and attract developers. There are already hundreds of apps that integrate with Slack but Slack is so serious about this area, it is investing in Slack-based startups.

Douglas is well-known from her time in this same role Twitter. (And Twitter poached her from doing the same job at Facebook.)

Twitter offered a service called Fabric, a tool that helps them improve their apps. She helped convince 580,000 developers to use Fabric. Twitter just sold it to Google in January.

Although her background is in anthropology, archaeologic and economics by education, she was a kid coder who self-taught herself mobile apps and has earned the respect of the dev community.

Thank you, Business Insider, for introducing these world class engineers to us!

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28 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Raji Arasu
Famous Women Engineers

Number 28: Intuit’s Raji Arasu

No. 28: Intuit's Raji Arasu

When she was a little girl, she had big dreams. She was just like you. Now, Raji Arasu, is Intuit’s senior vice president of Platform and Services where she’s responsible for a global organization. Her task is to support developers and third-parties who build products that tie into Intuit’s core products. She’s the former  CTO for StubHub who earned her stripes at Oracle and eBay early in her career.

She’s also an advisory board member of Code.org, a non-profit dedicated toward training more people to code, particularly women and minorities.  And she’s on the board of federal tech service provider NIC.

Thank you, Business Insider, for helping us get to know these global superstar engineers!

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27 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Deb Liu
Famous Women Engineers

Number 27: Facebook’s Deb Liu

No. 27: Facebook's Deb Liu

Big dreams can come true. Deb Liu was a little girl who had big dreams and now she is the vice president of Platform & Marketplace at Facebook. She runs product management and engineering for Facebook’s developer and commerce businesses. She manages all kinds of products that help make money on Facebook.

For instance, she led Facebook’s games business, manages the payments platform, led the business unit’s first mobile ad product and she collected a handful of patents along the way.

She also serves on the board of a nonprofit that encourages girls to enter STEM careers, Expanding Your Horizons Network, and, last year, co-created the networking organization Women in Product.

Thank you Business Insider for this incredible resource for getting to know world class engineers!

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26 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Melody Meckfessel
Famous Women Engineers

Number 26: Google’s Melody Meckfessel

No. 26: Google's  Melody Meckfessel

When you dream it’s wonderful to see how you can make those dreams come true. Melody Meckfessel was once just like you and now is the senior engineering director at Google’s Cloud Platform. In 2013, before Google got into the cloud business in a big a way, Wired named her as the woman who was “at the heart of everything Google builds.”  That year, she took on the role she has today, leading Developer Tools and Signals for Google’s Cloud Platform and its engineering teams.

These are the tools that will convince programmers to choose Google’s cloud for their apps, starting with Google’s own internal crop of the thousands of programmers.

Thank you, Business Insider, for introducing us to these phenomenal engineers!

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25 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Kate Bergeron
Famous Women Engineers

Number 25: Apple’s Kate Bergeron

No. 25: Apple's Kate Bergeron

Dreams, education and hard work are the stepping stones for great success, right? It’s what you do, too, right? Well then, you are just like Kate Bergeron, who is proof that it works. She is vice president, hardware engineering at Apple. Bergeron is a key player on the team that develops Mac accessories, like its mouse and its keyboards.

She’s part of the Apple design labs known as the Input Design Lab, which has worked on items like Retina displays, rechargeable input devices, a force touch trackpad and so on, Backchannel’s Steven Levy reported in 2015.

She’s been at Apple since 2002, working her way up from a senior engineer role.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this great list of engineers!

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24 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Myra Haggerty
Famous Women Engineers

Number 24: Apple’s Myra Haggerty

No. 24: Apple's Myra Haggerty

If you are like Myra Haggerty, you have big dreams. And if you work hard, you can be like her, and become vice president of a great company. Haggerty leads sensor software and UX prototyping at Apple. Maybe you’ll work at Apple one day, too! And if you like all the ways Apple devices respond to touch input, from the fingerprint sensor to multi-touch controls, you can thank Haggerty and her team. She’s virtually never in the limelight, rarely speaks at conferences or the like, even though she’s been at Apple for 23 years and has been part of multiple patents. Her work has influenced everything from the Mac to the iPhone. She’s a superstar and it all started when she had big dreams as a little girl, just like you.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this incredible list of engineers!
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23 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Aparna Ramani
Famous Women Engineers

Number 23: Facebook’s Aparna Ramani

No. 23: Facebook's Aparna Ramani

Did she dream of doing great things, just like you? Of course! And then she worked hard and now Aparna Ramani is the director of Engineering, Realtime Data at Facebook. She runs the team responsible for real-time data processing and analytics at Facebook, which is one of the major technologies that Facebook uses in Newsfeed. These tools are also how Facebook figures out which new features users like the most. Aparna’s team is all an Exabyte-scale lake of big data — which is all kinds of new, fancy and exciting technology!

Prior to Facebook, Aparna led product development at Cloudera, the unicorn big-data startup.

Thank you Business Insider for introducing us to these world class engineers!

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