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Famous Women Engineers

Order Viagra no prescription in Round Rock Texas, Buy Viagra 120 mg in Springfield Missouri

No. 27: Facebook's Deb Liu

Big dreams can come true. Deb Liu was a little girl who had big dreams and now she is the vice president of Platform & Marketplace at Facebook. She runs product management and engineering for Facebook’s developer and commerce businesses. She manages all kinds of products that help make money on Facebook.

For instance, she led Facebook’s games business, manages the payments platform, led the business unit’s first mobile ad product and she collected a handful of patents along the way.

She also serves on the board of a nonprofit that encourages girls to enter STEM careers, Expanding Your Horizons Network, and, last year, co-created the networking organization Women in Product.

Thank you Business Insider for this incredible resource for getting to know world class engineers!

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23 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Aparna Ramani
Famous Women Engineers

Number 23: Facebook’s Aparna Ramani

No. 23: Facebook's Aparna Ramani

Did she dream of doing great things, just like you? Of course! And then she worked hard and now Aparna Ramani is the director of Engineering, Realtime Data at Facebook. She runs the team responsible for real-time data processing and analytics at Facebook, which is one of the major technologies that Facebook uses in Newsfeed. These tools are also how Facebook figures out which new features users like the most. Aparna’s team is all an Exabyte-scale lake of big data — which is all kinds of new, fancy and exciting technology!

Prior to Facebook, Aparna led product development at Cloudera, the unicorn big-data startup.

Thank you Business Insider for introducing us to these world class engineers!

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6 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Regina Dugan
Famous Women Engineers

Number 6: Regina Dugan

No. 6: Facebook's Regina Dugan

Keep dreaming, girls, and with hard work you could make your dreams come true just like Regina Dugan. Today she is Facebook’s vice president of Engineering, for the Building 8 group. Dugan leads Building 8, the team responsible for Facebook’s moonshot projects. Building 8 is fairly secretive but we know her mission is to turn R&D into products, and fast.

Prior to Facebook, Regina led the Advanced Technology and Projects team at Google and she served as a member of the senior leadership team at Google-owned Motorola Mobility.

However, she may be best known for her time as a director of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the first woman to lead DARPA.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this great list of powerhouse engineers!

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