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iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
girls can change the world
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Did you have a Happy Pi Day?

This year, we challenged you type in the first 199 digits of Pi to TRY TO WIN A T-SHIRT!

That’s right: We said, first girl to successfully type in the first 199 digits of pi will win a Pi Day t-shirt! Well, we have a winner!

Congratulations to @mariejason on winning the Pi Day Tshirt this year! Way to go, @mariejason!

Now, just send in your parent’s mailing address to info at itwixie dot com and we’ll send the tshirt to you.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Pi Day! Tell us all about it right here!

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Smart Girl Challenge
iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge

Congratulations to @amarabonbon for successfully taking the iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge! Here’s how she fixed last week’s sentence: We are going to the movies to watch a movie about a girl, a pig, and a spider, too.

Way to go, @amarabonbon! Now just send your parent’s mailing address to info at iTwixie dot com, and we’ll send you a surprise! Way to go, Smart Girl!

Now, here’s THIS WEEK’S sentence for YOU to fix. It’s a mess! Good luck with it! Here it is:
wen team usa won the world cup champeeyonship, it inspired me to work harder on bee ing the bestest athlete i can be so i can be just like them

How the iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge works:
Just be the first Smart Girl to successfully fix the sentence above and you’ll get a surprise from iTwixie! All answers will be posted next Monday morning. So be sure to check back and see if YOU were our next Smart Girl Challenge winner! Remember, we’re looking for new winners each week. So if you’ve already won in the last 6 months and someone new gets the challenge, too, we’ll give the prize to the new girl. Sound fair? So keep trying girls!!!

Congratulations, again, @amarabonbon ! YOU ROCK!

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