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Blogger of the Month for October

Special congratulations to @LadyPrestige for being elected Blogger of the Month (BOTM) for October!!

Check out her blogs by clicking on @LadyPrestige  ;)

Every month iTwixie has nominations and a vote for the BOTM of that month. This is a great way to meet new bloggers and cheer on the awesome bloggers you know. Won’t you nominate someone next month? Nominations start on November 7th.




(Photo Credit: USAG-Humphreys)

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Vote for Your FAVE iTwixie Blogger This Month

What a crazy busy month! Please take the time to vote for your FAVE blogger for October! They will be so honored that you did…

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(Photo Credit: USAG-Humphreys)

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Nominate Your Fave Blogger

Is there a Blogger you admire on iTwixie? Write that user’s name down NOW in the comments below for Blogger of the Month!

Get your nominations in fast.  She will be so honored when she gets nominated!

Every 2nd Thursday of the month we take nominations for iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month. The girls nominated are featured on a ballot for a week-long vote that begins a week later. So get nominating! Voting will begin next week on October 17!


(Photo Credit:  Ryan Somma)

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Nominate a Brainstorming Blogger

Is there a blogger on iTwixie who makes you think “outside the box”? Makes you laugh?

Every month on iTwixie we nominate and vote for a Blogger of the Month! This is a great chance to tell us about someone whose blogs you enjoy. Just write the member name of your fave blogger in the comments below!!

Then next week starting on September 19, we will have a one week long vote!  The winner will be announced on September 26 and she will be awarded a BOTM (Blogger of the Month) t-shirt and unlock the BOTM Achievement.


iTwixie has amazing bloggers! Tell us about your fave  ;)


(Photo Credit: Elín Elísabet)

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Nominate a NINJA Blogger

Here is how iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month works:

Week 1 – Beginning today, August 8, you get to nominate a blogger! Tell us why you think she rocks. Help everyone want to vote for her! And get this: EVERYONE who nominates a blogger wins a Blogger Activity Achievement! ;)

Week 2 – Voting begins to choose a Blogger of the Month for August, starting on August 15. Voting lasts a whole week!

Week 3 –  Shazam! We’ll announce our new Blogger of the Month! The winner gets a cool, iTwixie t-shirt!

So, has someone impressed you with her blogging? Tell us right here! 


(Photo Credit: GillyFace)

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