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iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
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ALL Welcome for the UPMC Writing Contest

Hey girls! You can still write a blog post about how a woman or a girl has made a lasting impact on history or is changing the world today. The deadline for this contest has been extended! And you could win some CASH! Just send your entry to “info@itwixie.com” by March 11, 2016! You could win 1 of 3 cash prizes! That’s right, a cash prize of $100, $50 and $25 will be given to 3 lucky kids!

Be sure to:
- keep your blog post to less than 1,000 words
- use Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as your inspiration (see the quote below)
- email your entry to “info@itwixie.com” by March 11! Make sure you include: your first and last name, age, grade, school, contact name, phone number and email address of parent (Your information will NEVER be shared with anyone, anytime, apart from getting you your prize, if you are our winner! Here’s our privacy policy)

Thank you, UPMC, for this amazing contest! What a terrific way to celebrate February as Black History Month and March as Women’s History Month!

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Consider this quote from Dr. King:Cash prize listing

…this refusal to be stopped, this courage to be, this determination to go on in spite of, is the hallmark of great movements.





iTwixie is a proud member of the Girls Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania and is delighted to support this amazing contest!

Girls Coalition

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Smart Girl Challenge
iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge

What a Smart Girl! She took the Smart Girl Challenge! Way to go, @matilda!

We helped @matilda fix the Special Thanksgiving Smart Girl Challenge this week! Because we are so thankful for all of you Smart Girls! Thanks for making iTwixie the Smartest Place on the Planet!

On Thursday, take time to share all the ways you are grateful as you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Tell us! And be sure to congratulate @matilda!  Nice job! Now, @matilda, just send in your parent’s mailing address to “info@itwixie.com” and we’ll send a prize to you!

Here’s this week’s Smart Girl Challenge:
her and i sang, oh the wether out side is fright full but the snow is so delight full

How the iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge works:
Just be the first Smart Girl to successfully fix the sentence above and you’ll get a surprise from iTwixie! All answers will be posted next Monday morning. So be sure to check back and see if YOU were our next Smart Girl Challenge winner! Remember, we’re looking for new winners each week. So if you’ve already won in the last 6 months, we will likely award the prize to another girl. Good luck girls!

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11 Days of Action – Day 2

Here are 5 Challenges or you can make your own. Choose one! Post what you did right here, in the comments section below! Together, we are changing the world:

  1. Compliment a girl on one of her talents rather than on how she looks. Write it down in the comments below.
  2. Pledge to turn your homework in on time every single day for the rest of the year! Write it down in your own words. Share your pledge in the comments section below.
  3. Pledge to help someone with his or her homework at least once a week for the rest of the school year. Write it down. Share your pledge in the comments section below.
  4. Write a poem, write a song, or draw a picture telling why education is important for girls around the world.  Share it in the comments section below.
  5. Plan a book drive for your class.  Collect new and used books to donate to a local literacy initiative.  Extra points (there aren’t really any points, but it’s fun to think about!) if you can collect more than 50 books. Tell us all about it in the comments section below.
  6. Pledge to _________________________.  YOU fill in the blank!  Come up with your own way to bring awareness to girls’ education around the globe. Don’t forget to share your ideas, pledges, and actions in the comments section below!

Every time YOU participate in one of the 11 Days of Action, you will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of UGG Boots!


Today’s Day of Action is sponsored by THE GIRLS COALITION

Girls Coalition


VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE TO YOU, GIRLS! YOU ROCK! Thanks for participating in the 11 Days of Action! Together we are changing the world! Remember to check back on October 11, for the Day of the Girl Summit WebcastGirls Speak Out LIVE-STREAMED event from the United Nations, and footage from all kinds of celebrations  around the world, including the Brave Girls Alliance Invasion of Times Square and the Day of the Girl FREE Celebration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you, Girls Coalition, for your amazing work. You rock, too!


(Photo Credit: AndrewEick)

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