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Sensational September is Here!

Let’s make this September Sensational! How?

Try answering these two questions:
1. What is one thing you can do this month that will make your world a better place?
2. What is one thing girls can do together to make our world a better place?

Tell us your first name, age and country you live in. Then we’ll get to see how we much we think alike, differently and maybe even come up with some ideas for real change. Cool, huh?

Think about it. Tell us what you think. And let’s share these ideas with each other! By the end of the month, we’ll have a huge list of things we can do to Change Our World for the better. Cannot wait to hear your ideas! We’ll share them with our friends at the Day of the Girl Summit  and get ready for the coolest day of the year for girls: The International Day of the Girl, and the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations, on October 11, 2018.


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Happy Birthday to Malala

Happy Birthday, Malala!

Write a birthday wish for Malala, right here!

She is amazing. She stands with girls. She stands with us! We can all learn about strength, character and friendship from Malala. Let her inspire you! Here’s the speech she gave when accepting the gift of citizenship from Canada. It’s not a party speech. But it is an AMAZING speech. Watch it! And write your birthday wish!

Isn’t she amazing? Now sign her birthday card, by writing your birthday wish to her right here, in the comments section below. Pretty cool!

(Photo Credit: Child-Education-Positive-News. Video Credit: YouTube and CSPAN)


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You are Created Equal
We Want YOU

At iTwixie, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all girls and boys are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We borrow this simple truth from the Declaration of Independence, and alter it ever-so-slightly to specifically include girls and boys, and not just specify men.

We share it today to inspire YOU.

You are endowed by your Creator the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Do you feel it? Is anything standing in your way? Tell us right here!

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What Does Being a Girl Mean to You?

Some girls think being a girl is awesome and others think it’s hard. In some party of the world, girls struggle for basic, human rights, while in other parts of the world, girls still fight for equal rights as boys.

What do you think?

What does being a girl mean to you?

Tell us right here:

What does being a girl mean to you?

View Results

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Photo credit: imgres-2

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Do This for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Do this:

1. Tell your BFF that she is powerful, smart and bold. She is! She is much more than just pretty or beautiful!

2. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “You are powerful, smart and bold.” You are! You are much more than just pretty or beautiful!

3. Hug your mom, grandmother, aunt or special woman in your life and tell them that they are powerful, smart and bold. They are! Women are much more than just pretty or beautiful!

Did you get a great big smile right back at you? Happy International Women’s Day!



Photo credit: thenewstribe.com

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Take the Day of the Girl Challenge

Use this really cool I AM Day of the Girl avatar and show off how YOU ARE the Day of the Girl! And get this: when you change your avatar and write a comment right here, you’ll get entered into a drawing to win a pair of UGG Boots!

Pretty cool, right? Once you’ve changed your avatar, write a comment below and leave a shout-out about Day of the Girl!


Just follow these easy steps to change your avatar:

1. Click on the avatar and drag it to your desktop — or right-click to download it

2. Click on your profile page and then cllick on Profile

3. Now click on Change Avatar

4. Click Choose File and find Desktop in the list of the menu

5. Now find the Day of the Girl logo you copied from this article and Click Upload Image

7. Move the cropping box so that it uses the entire window. That’s it!


Register and you could win a pair of UGG boots.

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Tomorrow Malala Turns 16

iTwixie has a package of fun stuff from the iTwixie Revolution that will be sent to Malala for her BIrthday!

We want to CELEBRATE her courage as well as her amazing goal of education for all children all over the world. Oh, and it is Malala’s 16th Birthday! What a day ;)

Peeps are calling tomorrow Malala Day! Isn’t that great?

All iTwixie member comments for Malala will be included in the iTwixie package =)

You can add your own words of encouragement and CELEBRATION in the comments below:



(Photo Credit:  jbhafner)

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Only 2 More Days to Malala Day


Let’s help Malala SMILE this week – her birthday week!

Malala will be giving a presentation to the UN in a special assembly on her birthday! What an amazing way to celebrate being 16, right?

Add your shoutout to make Malala SMILE in the comment section below!

Then iTwixie will send a special package of iTwixie things with your words on the card. How cool is that?



(Photo Credit: cnn.com)

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Malala Day – 3 Days Away

Do you think Malala ROCKS? Join us in celebrating her 16th birthday!

Malala is CLEAR about what she thinks. That’s why, on her 16th birthday, Malala is heading to the United Nations.

This is your chance to send Malala your very own message. Your note will be part of a package going to Malala from iTwixie. You can tell her what you think of her stand at the UN, too!  We’ll send all the iTwixie SHOUT OUTS to her for her 16th Birthday with a cool, iTwixie Revolution Birthday Package!



(Photo Credit: Justin Brockie)

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Four More Days to Malala’s Birthday

Malala, KEEPS TRYING to help the world understand that all girls should be able to go to school. Now she is using her Birthday as a chance to address the United Nations! What an amazing way to celebrate your birthday, Malala!  YOU are a great role model for iTwixie girls.

iTwixie is so proud of Malala and wants to send her a message from the iTwixie Nation. Won’t you join in today by adding a note in the comment section below to put on a Birthday card to Malala?

We’ll send them to her for her 16th Birthday with a cool, iTwixie Revolution Birthday Package!

Here’s to Malala! Your determination to KEEP TRYING inspires us all  =)



(Photo Credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development)

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