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Every month, iTwixie gives you a writing prompt to finish ANY WAY you want. Then we vote for a winner to see who will be iTwixie’s Writer of that Month. The winner gets a cool writer’s journal from our friends at Compendium!

So, get ready! Here’s this month’s prompt. Just let your mind go wild and write your paragraph. Be crazy. Be daring. And have fun!


“I have always wanted to go through a corn maze. Today is my big chance! The weather is a bit weird, but I won’t let that bother me. The corn maze looks endless and …”


Next week, on October 25, we will post all the entries (not until next week, mind) so you can vote for your fave. Then on November 1, the winner of the vote will be announced as Writer of the Month for October & she will earn this cool achievement:



(Photo Credit: PinkMoose)

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