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Green Tween Vote
by calypso Dragon 13

Here’s how iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month works:

  • Each first Tuesday of the month, iTwixie takes nominations for iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month.  Girls nominate BFFs from iTwixie or themselves, including why this person is GREEN! Nominations go in the comments section (below) of this article.
  • Girls nominated are included in a vote that lasts for one whole week.
  • The winner is announced at the end of the full week and gets a cool, GREEN, Hard Rock Cafe tote bag.

Today the voting for April Green Tween will begin.  Here are the reasons girls were nominated:

shimmer923 - made a coat rack out of recycled materials and a windmill too. She knows how to recycle!

nerw - has waited long enough to be elected again!

glittercookie - recently made recyclable jewlery and plans to redo an old building in her town for a silver award. She recycles and tries to reuse as many things as possible.

lifeliver166 - makes things out of old shoe-boxes, put up posters around the house about how to be greener, and for her Girl Scout Gold award (that she’ll be doing in a year or two) wants to pick up garbage around the roads and put in trash cans near the side or re-populate her area with bob-white quail, which are extinct in her area.

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The winner will be announced on April 16!

Isn’t this kewl? iTwixie GREEN girls ROCK!!!
(Photo Credit: calypsoDragon13)

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Vote for Green Tween of the Month
Designed by Unahachichi

Here’s how iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month works:

Each first Tuesday of the month, iTwixie takes nominations for iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month. You can even nominate yourself! And the winner gets a cool, Hard Rock Cafe Tote Bag. Cool, right? The vote starts today, March 12, and lasts for one whole week! 

Here are our nominees:

lifeliver166 says:  I am ultra green. Not only do I put up posters around the house of how to be green stuff, but I helped set up Club Greenies for the old iTwixie AND I used to be gogreen the greenest tween on here!

glittercookie says:  I make recycable jewlery I reuse old yarn I also garden and am in girlscouts and we help the earth! Those are my resons.( I do more but that is on top of my head):)

Unahachichi says:  I am a superfast showerer, I recycle craft materials and electronics, too! I have many house plants and come spring, my mom is giving me a spot in the front yard to make a garden! I never kill bugs, I am kind to the environment, I walk with my friends places (as apposed to having my friend’s older sister drive us) and I love to ride my bike everywhere.

Who should be Green Tween for MEGA March?

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(Photo Credit:  Unahachichi )

Isn’t this kewl? iTwixie GREEN Tween of the Month ROCKS!!!

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