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DIY Power Water

http rencontres sfr editor index Take a gallon of water, put it in a pitcher, add 3 sliced lemons, and drink a glass a day all week long. Enjoy! Here’s why:

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publi 45 rencontre chat rencontre gratuit suisse Add Lemon?

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  • They taste delicious!
  • They provide vitamin C to fight off illnesses
  • The antioxidants in lemons helps keep our skin, organs and brain

dortmund single frauen agences de rencontre haut de gamme What’s the deal with water?

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  • Water helps to keep your skin looking clear and healthy
  • Water helps your body control its temperature – too hot or too cold? – drink some water!
  • Water helps muscle tone and washes away the acids produced by hard exercise
  • Water can even reduce headaches, muscle aches and itchy skin!

go to this site Give it a week and see if you feel better when you add a little lemon to your water! Tell us right here!

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