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Girls Speak Out Banner

Calling all iTwixie girls, over 13! Join us for the 2nd Annual Girls Speak Out at the United Nations! Just have your parent click here to register you and your family!

Place: ECOSOC Chamber, United Nations Headquarters, NY, NY
(entrance at 47th Street and 1st Avenue)

Time: 3:00PM – 5:00PM
(plan to arrive by 2:15-2:30)

Date: Friday, October 10th

What is the Girls Speak Out?
The Day of the Girl Summit is proud to bring over 500 girls together for performances by girls, for girls, of the struggles, challenges and amazing ways girls have handled adversity. Some of the stories, songs, poetry and  dance, depict topics such as violence against girls, child marriage and eating disorders, so please talk to your parent to make sure you are ready for these kinds of discussions. It will be a moving and unforgettable multi-media presentation at the United Nations, that shines the light on the solidarity of girls around the world.

Join us for this extraordinary celebration of the International Day of the Girl #IDG2014

Hope to see you there! Just grab a parent and  click here to register! Add your voice to this powerful group of change makers.

Don’t forget to sign up to receive the latest news and updates on the Summit and #IDG2014.


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