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Girls Speak Out at the United Nations!

The Day of the Girl Summit’s partner, the Working Group on Girls, is hosting the Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations on 10.11.13 from 3:00PM – 5:00PM EST.

This event will give girls the chance to speak with governments and UN Agencies about how they are making strides for girls in their community. Girls selected for the Girls Speak Out will share information about their strategies for creating change and they will talk about how the international community can support their efforts. Approximately half of the girls at the Speak Out will present on issues related to the International Day of the Girl 2013 theme, “Innovating for Girls’ Education.”

You can participate in the Girls Speak Out too! If you are going to be in NYC on October 11, you can register to attend the Girls Speak Out. Just complete the form below!

If you can’t be in NYC on October 11, DayoftheGirlSummit.org will live-stream the Girls Speak Out and iTwixie will be bringing you highlights about this event and all of the cool events around the world! So check back for the latest updates on the Speak Out.


DayoftheGirl Girls Speak Out registration


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