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Make Pi March
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This March, we’re celebrating Pi! We’ll celebrate Pi Day and all things that make Pi special. Why? Because you know, when you understand Pi, you understand infinity :)

Yes. This month YOU will Make Pi. Ready?

Every Tuesday, for the Month of March, we’ll award one girl a Pi Day t-shirt! Woo hoo! All you have to do is be the first to answer one of these questions, or offer your own, unique idea about why Pi is so special. Ready? Here are the questions:
1. Why is Pi important?
2. How is it related to infinity?
3. What does Pi measure?
4. What cand you figure out when you use Pi?
5. How do you write Pi to the nearest 1,000th?
6. What are you planning to do for Pi Day this year?
7. When is Pi Day?
8. Does Pi ever repeat?
9. What is tau?
10. Once you get Pi, what can you figure out?

What else makes Pi special? Keep the unique answers coming and maybe YOU will win a t-shirt, too!

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