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What Makes These Animals Like People

Researchers just published an article showing how humans, parrots, small birds, elephants, whales, and bats are similar and what they think is the reason why.

The similarity for all of these animals is that they have musical talent – really! The peeps who did the study gave an explanation for why this developed in these animals and not others.  Finding that explanation is your STEM Challenge for today.

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It is important to remember that this explanation has yet to be proven. Do you know what that kind of statement from a scientist is called? You can earn an extra achievement by telling us in the Comment section below!!

Every girl who takes this challenge will unlock this uber cool achievement ;)



(Photo Credit: oldandsolo and Special thanks to ScienceDaily for inspiration)

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This zoo photo is of the panda at only a few days of age.  Awwwww…

In honor of the birth of a Giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington DC, iTwixie has a STEM challenge for you right here:

Everyone who takes this challenge will unlock the NINJA STEM Achievement!


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(Photo Credit: Smithsonian National Zoological Park)

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It’s Spring at the Denver Zoo

We will give you a few hints and you can see the video, which is way cool. Then you can take iTwixie’s STEM Challenge!


1. This animal lives in Africa
2. It’s name means “giraffe-necked” in the Somali language. (This really is a hint for what you will see ;0 )
3. The new baby, Blossom, is not doing what is unique to this animal in the video.


So iTwixie’s STEM Challenge is to tell iTwixie the unique trait of this very interesting creature! Be the first iTwixie girl to find it and Win iTwixie’s STEM Challenge for MEGA March.

Next week on Tuesday, April 2, we will announce the winner of the challenge.

(Special Thanks to our friends at the Denver Zoo for the photo and the video!)

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