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Make Something May!

This month we celebrate MAKING! Girls and women use the internet 600% more than boys and men. We OWN the internet. So let’s MAKE it ours, shall we? It all starts with YOU!!!

Making = anything YOU create! Get it? So what do YOU make?

Here’s how you can be part of Make Something May:
. Make Something for Mom for Mother’s Day, May 8!
. Add your voice to girl voices from all 50 states and 30 countries around the world, by taking iTwixie’s  new polls and quizzes
. Write songs, poems and blogs!
. Create your own avatar
. Vote for the Maker of the Month
. Vote for the Blogger of the Month

We want to hear about the things you like to make. So fun!

So many ways to BE HEARD and WIN on iTwixie this month! Can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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