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Is Your Personality Based on Birth Order?

Have you ever been told that you are such a “first born” or “middle child” or “baby” in your family? Or perhaps you are the “only child” and maybe get comments about that, too? That’s because scientists have studied the personality traits of different people depending on their birth order, and have found that sometimes birth order seems to make a difference. Check this out and see if your birth order somehow describes you!
Birth Order
Source: BestPsychologyDegrees.com

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Does Your Fave Color Show the Real You
April 25, 2013
Photo by marlonolram
Could our favorite colors tell our personalities? Check out these colors and what they mean. Tell us, does your fave color match your personality?  Your BFF’s?


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GREEN – Do you like green the best? If so, you are very determined and motivated, so when you’re left alone, you can accomplish so much. You also enjoy relaxing AND you have an artistic side. You’re a very hard worker, too.


BLACK – If you like black, you really enjoy being in a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement. You’re also able to be calm and comfortable in many different settings and places. You enjoy attention, but are unsure of how to handle it. Just treat others as you’d like to be treated. It works!


GRAY – So, you like gray, eh?  Then you also prefer calm and relaxing environments. You are easy-going and original, and are willing to learn new things and try anything once. You’re gentle and very confident, so you’re capable of being everyone’s friend. You also work well in groups or teams.


BLUE – Is blue your hue? You really appreciate life! You are capable of going against the odds and reaching your goals, even when times are tough. You have control of your life and your personality.  So you’re a go-getter and can take charge. You’re a leader!


PURPLE – You’re very spontaneous. You’ve got a quick and original mind and are very creative. Also, you really enjoy nature. You’re very unique and are comfortable in your skin – you like being you!


YELLOW – If yellow is your color of choice, you are a powerful thinker, and you’re able to complete challenging tasks. You’re really easy-going and sometimes free of worries and concerns. You’re calm and relaxed and you try not to cause conflicts or ‘rock the boat’. Also, you’re always on the search for new ideas, methods, and styles!


PINK - Pink is the color of peace. People who love pink try to find the positive side of things. They want to draw the little smiley faces on everything.  You’re intelligent and can sometimes be a little shy at first, but love to make people in your life happy!


ORANGE - Orange is the color of nature, so if this is your fave color, you probably love outdoors and nature. And you love sports, too! You’re always there to help others who may need some assistance. You’re rather adventurous, and love to learn and remember from your own experiences.


WHITE – If you like the color white, you’re a very patient person. When you’re in a group of people, you are good at expressing your thoughts and opinions. You’ve got your own opinions and you’re comfortable with who you are! You are organized and like a clean, relaxing environment in which to hang out.


So now tell us, are you the same as your hue? How about your BFF?  Let us know right here!
(Photo Credit:  marlonolram)

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