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kids holiday kitchen 83

No matter where you live in the world, city or country, large population or small, this December can become one to remember always. Try and imagine yourself a year from now, looking back on this December. What kinds of things will make you smile to remember them? Or are there things you could do to make the next year you proud? How about things that will just give you a good laugh?

Sometimes, the best memories and proudest moments come from helping others in need, cheering up those around us who are struggling with illness or other personal troubles, or solving a problem in our midst that seems really difficult, but maybe just needed an extra hand, time or some good thinking.

A neighbor may need help shoveling snow.
There’s a gift exchange, but you’re not allowed to spend much money on it, so you make a gift of homemade cookie mix in a jar (see picture) that everyone loves.
A friend may be sick and may need your notes.
There’s a long line for lunch every day and it makes everyone grumpy; if tables took turns in random order, maybe people would not get so annoyed when waiting their turn.
Another elderly person in your community might enjoy hearing a story read out loud to her.
A child next door could use your hand-me-down jeans.
Maybe there’s a kid at school who sits alone at lunch, or never smiles in the hallway – how powerful your smile or shared lunch might be!?!

Whatever you choose to do this December to make it a December to Remember, share it with us! When we tell each other stories, we inspire each other. We get ideas for how we can each make a difference in our world.

Here’s to making this December one to Remember!

Happy December, girls!

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No One is Like YOU
We Want YOU

YOU are special. Yes, YOU!

So don’t try to be like her or them or him or that movie. Be YOU! Because you rock. And only YOU can do the special things that YOU can DO!

It’s true!

This has been a public service announcement from your very own iTwixie Nation. Now pass it on!



Photo credit: Chris Owens

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