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You are Like a Rat
October 29, 2013
Ratty thinking

Can you believe it? We think like RATS! We even use the same part of our brains to correct mistakes, yipes :O

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Once you submit your answer, you will find a CODE. Enter the code in the box to the right side of this page to unlock your STEM achievement right away!

Way to go, girls!



(Photo Credit: qwrrty/Flickr)

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Why Does Fear Change Your Eyes
July 30, 2013

Have you noticed that another person’s eyes change when they are afraid? Yours do, too, but you probably have not noticed that!

All you have to do for this Challenge is to respond to the question below AND you will win this STEM Achievement!


It’s interesting, easy AND you will find out the researcher results immediately! What are you waiting for? Take it now ;)

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(Photo Credit: Tom Conger/Flickr & article information from Futurity.org)



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Prairie Dog Predator Challenge

All three of the predators are dangerous to prairie dogs. But which one of them is the most dangerous? That was last week’s Prairie Dog Predator challenge. Did you take it?

Here is the answer!

According to the Prairie Dog Squad, here are the number of captures or successful attacks for each of these dangerous predators so far this year, at Dr. John Hoogland’s research site in New Mexico. See if you were right about which of these predators is the most dangerous:

1) The Bobcat captured 3 prairie dogs


2) The Golden Eagle captured 11 prairie dogs


3) The Coyote captured 18 prairie dogs

DSC_0352 4

Wow! The COYOTE is the most dangerous predator this year! Were you right? Are you surprised?


(Photo Credits: Paul and Jill, goingslo, jack_spellingbacon, victoria burman)

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Join the Jr. Prairie Dog Squad
Prairie Dog Pup


All you have to do is help the Prairie Dog Squad, led by Dr. John Hoogland, figure out how many prairie dog pups are going to be born this year on his study site. Ready?

Here are the facts:

  • There are 229 adult prairie dogs. 123 of these are females.
  • Females usually have litters 1-7 prairie dog pups in a litter, and the most common litter size is 4.
  • To guess how many pups will be caught and marked this year, just  multiply the number of females (123) times the average number of pups in a litter (4) and then factor in the variables.


Variables? Yes, variables. Variables are facts that can change the way things normally work. So with prairie dog pups, you need to know that:

- Not all female prairie dogs have litters.

- Not all pups survive and come above ground so that they can be counted – sometimes they get sick or predator gets to them first!

So give it some thought and see what you think. How many prairie dog pups do YOU think our team of researchers will count this year?

[gravityform id="48" name="Pick your prairie dog pup estimate out from the ranges listed here:" ajax="true"]

You can become a Jr. Prairie Dog Squad Member! All peeps who enter an estimate will earn this uber cool Prairie Dog Achievement:


(Photo Credit: harmi2009)

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Prairie Dog Predator Challenge

The Prairie Dog Squad knows that these 3 predators attack prairie dogs.


1) The Bobcat



2) The Golden Eagle



3) The Coyote


Your Challenge is to tell iTwixie which predator you think is the most DANGEROUS to the prairie dog.

All you have to do to take this Challenge is to write which predator you think is the most dangerous in the comment section below. Everyone who enters a name will win the Prairie Dog Challenge Award! So how do you think you can figure this out? What makes a predator most dangerous? Do you think it has to do with how many times it attacks the prairie dog town? Or how many prairie dogs it attacks? Hmmm…

Be sure to stay tuned because in July, the Prairie Dog Squad, led by Dr. John Hoogland, will let us know which predator was the most dangerous and why. Which one do you think it will be? Get your challenge answer in now!

(Photo Credits: Paul and Jill, goingslo, jack_spellingbacon, ZionNPS)

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Does Your Fave Color Show the Real You
April 25, 2013
Photo by marlonolram
Could our favorite colors tell our personalities? Check out these colors and what they mean. Tell us, does your fave color match your personality?  Your BFF’s?


RED – If red is your fave color, you have lots of will-power and control. You’re able to overcome obstacles and challenges more easily than other people. Also, you’ve got tons of energy and are interested in many different areas of life.


GREEN – Do you like green the best? If so, you are very determined and motivated, so when you’re left alone, you can accomplish so much. You also enjoy relaxing AND you have an artistic side. You’re a very hard worker, too.


BLACK – If you like black, you really enjoy being in a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement. You’re also able to be calm and comfortable in many different settings and places. You enjoy attention, but are unsure of how to handle it. Just treat others as you’d like to be treated. It works!


GRAY – So, you like gray, eh?  Then you also prefer calm and relaxing environments. You are easy-going and original, and are willing to learn new things and try anything once. You’re gentle and very confident, so you’re capable of being everyone’s friend. You also work well in groups or teams.


BLUE – Is blue your hue? You really appreciate life! You are capable of going against the odds and reaching your goals, even when times are tough. You have control of your life and your personality.  So you’re a go-getter and can take charge. You’re a leader!


PURPLE – You’re very spontaneous. You’ve got a quick and original mind and are very creative. Also, you really enjoy nature. You’re very unique and are comfortable in your skin – you like being you!


YELLOW – If yellow is your color of choice, you are a powerful thinker, and you’re able to complete challenging tasks. You’re really easy-going and sometimes free of worries and concerns. You’re calm and relaxed and you try not to cause conflicts or ‘rock the boat’. Also, you’re always on the search for new ideas, methods, and styles!


PINK - Pink is the color of peace. People who love pink try to find the positive side of things. They want to draw the little smiley faces on everything.  You’re intelligent and can sometimes be a little shy at first, but love to make people in your life happy!


ORANGE - Orange is the color of nature, so if this is your fave color, you probably love outdoors and nature. And you love sports, too! You’re always there to help others who may need some assistance. You’re rather adventurous, and love to learn and remember from your own experiences.


WHITE – If you like the color white, you’re a very patient person. When you’re in a group of people, you are good at expressing your thoughts and opinions. You’ve got your own opinions and you’re comfortable with who you are! You are organized and like a clean, relaxing environment in which to hang out.


So now tell us, are you the same as your hue? How about your BFF?  Let us know right here!
(Photo Credit:  marlonolram)

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Take the Prairie Dog STEM Challenge!
Prairie Dog Pup

All you have to do to take the Prairie Dog STEM Challenge is to make your hypothesis — or an educated guess – about how many prairie dog pups will come above ground this year. Don’t worry! You get some help!

There are no WRONG educated guesses… they’re all guesses! That’s because NO ONE KNOWS how many prairie dog babies have been born. Not even the Prairie Dog Experts!

Here’s how YOU can make an educated guess:

Use what we know:

  • There are 12 prairie dog litters.
  • There can be between 1 and 8 pups in each litter, but the average number of pups in a litter is 5.
  • 75% of prairie dog pups born actually come out of the burrow.

This means:

  • The largest number of prairie dog pups would be 12 x 8 = 96.
  • The smallest number of prairie dog pups would be 12 x 1 = 12.
  • The most likely number would be 12 x 5 x .75 = 45.

Now you can make what scientists call an educated guess. An educated guess is really just a guess. But it’s not a random guess. It’s a guess that’s based on some good thinking and good data. That’s why it’s called an educated guess. And now you’re ready to make yours. Any guess between 12 and 96 is a good guess. We will all have to wait until all the prairie dog pups come above ground to know the correct answer.

The Prairie Dog Experts think the prairie dog pups will start coming above ground in late May. iTwixie will keep you posted!

Get guessing and enter your educated guess in the comments section below! The girl closest to the actual number of pups this year will get a SURPRISE!

You go, girls!

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