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Happy Summer Birthdays!

Check out these fabulous females and their June birthdays:
Julie Campbell, 1908 – American Author & Literary Agent Hazel Dickens, 1935 – US Feminist, Activist, Bluegrass Singer Katerina Gogou, 1940 – Greek Anarchist Poet2nd JuneDorothy West, 1907 – African American Writer Lotte Reiniger, 1899 – German Film Director and Animator Ruth Atkinson, 1918 – Canadian/American Cartoonist Kathryn Tucker Windham, 1918 – Alabama Storyteller Betty Freeman, 1921 – US Photographer & Philanthropist June Callwood, 1924 – Canadian Journalist & Social Activist3rd JuneRosa Chacel, 1898 – Spanish Writer and Feminist Memphis Minnie, 1897 – American Singer-Songwriter Eleanor Coade, 1733 – British Businesswoman4th JuneMiina Sillanpää, 1866 – Finnish Member of Parliament Sadie Bonnell, 1888 – British WW1 Ambulance Driver Mabel Lucie Attwell, 1879 – British Illustrator Alla Nazimova, 1879 – Crimean American Actress & Producer5th JuneRuth Benedict, 1887 – American anthropologist and folklorist Elena Piscopia, 1646 – Italian Philosopher and PhD Laurali Rose Wright, 1939 – Canadian Author6th JuneSarah Parker Remond, 1826 – African American Physician & Abolitionist Eliza Orzeszkowa, 1841 – Polish Writer Ninette de Valois, 1898 – Irish Dancer and Choreographer7th JuneVirginia Apgar, 1909 – American Anaesthesiologist Amelia Edwards, 1831 – British Writer & Egyptologist Elizabeth Bowen, 1899 – Irish Writer Marion Post, 1910 – American Photographer8th JuneCharlotte Scott, 1858 – British Mathematician and Educator Alicia Stott, 1860 – Irish MathematicianMarguerite Yourcenar, 1903 – Belgian Novelist & Essayist9th JuneElizabeth Garrett Anderson, 1836 – British Physician & Feminist Helen Marot, 1865 – American Social Reformer Bertha von Suttner, 1843 – Austrian Nobel Peace prize winner Phyllis Ann Wallace, Black American Economist and Activist10th JuneHattie McDaniel, 1895 – 1st African American Oscar winner Rebecca Latimer Felton, 1835 – 1st female American Senator Lin Huiyin, 1904 – Chinese Architect and Writer11th June Julia Margaret Cameron, 1815 – British Photographer Millicent Fawcett, 1847 – British Suffragist and Reformer Jeanette Rankin, 1880 – 1st woman in the US Congress Angela Forbes, 1876 – original Forces Sweetheart12th JuneEva Crane, 1912 – British Bee Scientist Anne Frank, 1929 – German/Dutch Diarist Harriet Martineau, 1802 – British Sociologist and Writer Djuna Barnes, 1892 – American Writer and Illustrator Margherita Hack, 1922 – Italian Astrophysicist & Activist13th JuneChrystal Macmillan, 1872 – Scottish lawyer, feminist & pacifist Dorothy L. Sayers, 1893 – British Writer and Humanist Jeanne-Claude, 1935 – Moroccan Environmental Artist14th JuneHarriet Beecher Stowe, 1811 – American Author Margaret Bourke-White, 1904 – American Photographer Winifred Lubell, 1914 – American Illustrator and Activist15th JuneHilda Terry, 1914 – American Cartoonist Margaret Ives Abbott, 1876 – American Olympic Golfer Olga Erteszek, 1916 – Polish American Fashion Designer16th JuneBarbara McClintock, 1902 – US Nobel Prize winning Geneticist Bessie Rayner Parkes, 1829 – British Feminist & Campaigner Mary Katherine Goddard, 1738 – US Publisher & Postmistress Natalia Goncharova, 1881 – Russian Avant-garde Artist17th JuneRuth Wakefield, 1903 – US Inventor of Chocolate Chip Cookie Susan La Flesche, 1865 – Native American Doctor & Reformer Flora Finch, 1867 – UK/USA Actress, Comedian & Producer18th JuneSylvia Porter, 1913 – American Economist and Journalist Ann Mara, 1929 – US Businesswoman & “1st Lady of Football”19th JuneLaura Z. Hobson, 1900 – American Writer Pauline Kael, 1919 – American Film Critic Merata Mita, 1942 - Māori Film Maker and Activist20th JuneHelen Miller Shepard, 1868 – American Philanthropist Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, 1786 – French Poet Zelda Mishkovsky, 1914 – Israeli Poet Helena Rasiowa, 1917 – Polish Mathematician21st JuneBenazir Bhutto, 1953 – Pakistani Prime Minister Clara Immerwahr, 1870 – German Chemist Daisy Turner, 1883 – African American Storyteller and Poet Mary McCarthy, 1912 – American Writer and Political Activist22nd JuneAnne Morrow Lindbergh, 1906 – American Author & Aviator Cicely Saunders, 1918 – British founder of the Hospice ​​Katherine Dunham, 1909 – African American Dancer, Choreographer & ActivistOctavia Butler, 1947 – African American Science Fiction Writer23rd JuneAnna Akhmatova, 1889 – Russian Poet Winifred Holtby, 1898 - English novelist and journalist Wilma Rudolph, 1940 – African American Athlete24th JunePearl Witherington, 1914 – British SOE Agent Mary Wesley, 1912 – British Novelist Mildred Ladner Thompson, 1918 – American Journalist Margaret Olley, 1923 – Australian Artist Joan Clarke, 1917 – British Linguist & cryptanalyst 25th JuneVirginia Lacy Jones, 1912 – African American Librarian Celia Franca, 1921 – Director of Canadian National Ballet Dorothy Gilman, 1923 – American Mystery Author26th JunePearl S. Buck, 1892 – American Writer Violette Szabo, 1921 -  French-British WW2 secret agentDorothy Fuldheim, 1893 – American Journalist & TV Anchor27th JuneHelen Keller, 1860 – US Deafblind Writer & Lecturer Guilhermina Suggia, 1885 – Portugese CellistKate Carew, 1869 – American Caricaturist and Interviewer28th JuneMaria Goeppert-Mayer, 1906 - German-American Physicist Esther Forbes, 1891 – American Pulitzer Prize winning Author Stefi Geyer, 1888 – Hungarian Violinist & Teacher29th JuneVirginia Pope, 1885 - American Fashion Editor Julia Lathrop, 1858 – American Social ReformerYvonne Lefébure, 1898 – French Pianist and Teacher30th JuneMonica Maurice, 1908 – British Industrialist Lena Horne, 1917 – American Singer & Civil Rights Activist Eleanor Ross Taylor, 1920 – American Poet _____________________________________





1st JulyAmy Johnson, 1903 – British Aviator Alice Guy, 1873 – French Film-maker and Director Dorothea Mackellar, 1885 – Australian Author and Poet Amber Reeves, 1887 – New Zealand/British Feminist Writer2nd JulyHarriet Brooks, 1876 – Canada’s first female nuclear scientist Lily Braun, 1865 – German Feminist Writer Lydia Mei, 1896 – Estonian Artist3rd JulyCharlotte Perkins Gilman, 1860 – US Sociologist & Author Ruth Crawford Seeger, 1901 – American Composer Fontella Bass, 1940 – African American R&B soul singer4th JulyHenrietta Swan Leavitt, 1868 – American Astronomer Jessie Ackermann, 1857 – American Social Reformer Yvonne B Miller, 1934 – African American Senator5th JulyClara Zetkin, 1857 – German Activist, organised 1st International Women’s Day Wanda Landowska, 1879 – Polish-French Harpsichordist Louise Jenkins, 1888 – American Astronomer6th JulyAnnette Kellerman, 1886 – Australian Swimmer Frederica Sagor Maas, 1900 – American Playwright and Author Frida Kahlo, 1907 – Mexican Artist7th JulyLillien Jane Martin, 1851 – American Psychologist Doris McCarthy, 1910 – Canadian Artist Margaret Walker, 1915 – African American Poet and Writer Edmonia Lewis, 1844 – African/Native American Sculptor8th JulyArtemisia Gentileschi, 1593 – Italian Painter Käthe Kollwitz, 1867 – German Sculptor, Printmaker & Painter Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, 1926 – Swiss American Psychiatrist Raquel Correa, 1934 – Chilean Journalist9th JulyPeggy Braithwaite, 1919 – British Lighthouse Keeper Ann Radcliffe, 1764 – British Author June Jordan, 1936 – African American Writer and Educator Mercedes Sosa, 1935 – Argentinian Folk Singer & Activist10th JulyThérèse Casgrain, 1896 – Canadian Reformer & Politician Mildred Benson, 1905 – American Journalist & Author Judith Jasmin, 1916 – Canadian Journalist Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921 – Founder of Special Olympics11th JulyLiza Lehmann, 1862 – British Operatic Composer Annie Armstrong, 1850 – American Missionary Dorothy Wilde, 1895 – Anglo Irish Bon Vivant12th JulyJohanna Moosdorf , 1911 – German Author ​Lyudmila Pavlichenko, 1916 – Russian WW2 Sniper Beah Richards, 1920 – African American Writer & Actress13th JulyTillie Ehrlich Lewis, 1901 – American Businesswoman Emma Asson, 1889 – Estonian Politician Kay Linaker, 1913 – American Actress & Screenwriter14th JulyGertrude Bell, 1868 – British Archaeologist and Spy Kate M Gordon, 1861 – American Suffragist & Activist Juliette Wytsman, 1866 – Belgian Painter15th JulyMaggie L. Walker, 1867 – African American Businesswoman Emmeline Pankhurst, 1858 – British Activist & Suffragette Dorothy Fields, 1905 – American Lyricist Iris Murdoch, 1919 – Irish Author and Philosopher16th JulyIda B. Wells, 1862 – African American journalist Kathleen Norris, 1880 – American Author Anna Vyrubova, 1884 – Russian Writer Frances Horwich, 1907 – US Educator & Presenter17th JulyBerenice Abbott, 1898 – American Photographer Christina Stead, 1902 – Australian Author Phyllis Diller, 1917 – American Comedian18th JulyNathalie Sarraute, 1900 – Russian-French Writer Pauline Viardot, 1821 – French Composer and Singer Margaret Brown, 1867 – American “unsinkable” Activist Shirley Strickland, 1925 – Australian Athlete19th JulyRosalyn Sussman, 1921 – US Physicist & Nobel Prize winnerMarianna Auenbrugger, 1759 – Austrian Pianist and Composer Eve Merriam, 1916 – American Poet and Writer Mary Ann Bickerdyke, 1817 – American Hospital Administrator20th JulyVeronica Wedgwood, 1910 – British Historian Cindy Walker, 1918 – American Country Singer-Songwriter Stephenie McMillan, 1942 – British Set Decorator21st JulyAnna Adams Gordon, 1853 – US Temperance Worker Sara Carter, 1898 – American Singer-Songwriter22nd JulyEmma Lazarus, 1849 – American Poet Hella Wuolijoki, 1886 – Estonian/Finnish Writer Begum Shaista Ikramullah, 1915 – Pakistani Diplomat23rd JulyElspeth Huxley, 1907 – British Polymath, Environmentalist & WriterLaurel Martyn, 1916 – Australian Ballerina & Choreographer24th JulyAmelia Earhart, 1897 – American Aviator Bella Abzug, 1920 – American Lawyer & Social Activist Essie Summers, 1912 – New Zealand Author25th JulyFlora Adams Darling, 1840 – American Author Rosalind Franklin, 1920 – British Biophysicist Jane Frank, 1918 – American Artist26th JulyIrena Iłłakowicz, 1906 – Polish Intelligence Agent Ana María Matute, 1925 – Spanish Writer Bernice Rubens, 1923 – Welsh Teacher, Film Maker & Author27th JulyJeanne Baret, 1740 – French Explorer Elizabeth Hardwick, 1916 – American Critic and Writer Vera Karalli, 1889 – Russian Ballerina and Choreographer28th JulyBeatrix Potter, 1866 – British Author Lucy Burns, 1879 – American Suffragist Barbara La Marr, 1896 – American Actress and ScreenwriterAenne Burda, 1909 – German Publisher29th JulyDiana Vreeland, 1903 – American Magazine Editor Katerina Taikon, 1932 – Swedish Roma Writer and Activist Sophie Menter, 1846 – German Pianist and Composer Mary Lee Settle, 1918 – American Author30th JulyEmily Bronte, 1818 – English novelist and poet Fatima Jinnah, 1893 – Pakistani Stateswoman Maria Anna Mozart, 1751 – Austrian Musician and Composer Alicia Amherst, 1865 – British Horticulturalist & Author31st JulyGrete Gulbransson, 1882 – Austrian Writer and Poet Mary Vaux Walcott, 1860 – American Artist and Naturalist Stephanie Kwolek, 1923 – American Chemist and Engineer _____________________________________




1st AugustSarah Robinson, 1834 – UK founder of the Soldier’s Institute Mary Harris Jones, 1837 – Irish/American Activist Kamla Nehru, 1899 – Indian Freedom Fighter2nd AugustPauline Hall, 1890 – Norwegian Composer and Music Critic Rowena Cade, 1893 – British Theatrical Visionary Mary Hamman, 1907 – American Writer and Editor3rd AugustMaggie Kuhn, 1905 – American Founder of the Grey Panthers Regina Jonas, 1902 – German Rabbi Cécile Aubry, 1928 – French Actress, Director & Screenwriter4th AugustHedda Sterne, 1910 – Romanian Artist Helen Thomas, 1920 – American Journalist5th AugustMary Ritter Beard, 1876 – American Historian and Archivist Gertrude Rush, 1880 – African-American Lawyer Selma Diamond, 1920 – Canadian Actress and Screenwriter Maggie Gee, 1923 – Chinese American Physicist & Airforce Pilot6th AugustLouella Parsons, 1881 – American Columnist and Screenwriter Elisabeth Beresford, 1926 – British Author7th AugustElizabeth Flynn, 1890 – US labor leader, activist, and feminist Dorothy Walton, 1909 – Canadian Badminton Player Felice Bryant, 1925 – American Songwriter8th AugustFlorence Bailey, 1863 – US ornithologist and nature writer Emilie Flygare-Carlén, 1807 – Swedish Author Esther Hobart Morris, 1814 – American Justice of the Peace Cécile Chaminade, 1857 – French Composer and Pianist Sophia Duleep Singh, 1876 – Punjabi British Suffragette Esma Redžepova, 1943 – Macedonian Romani Singer and Humanitarian9th AugustEvelina Haverfield, 1867 – British Suffragette & Activist Tove Jansson, 1914 – Finnish Author and Artist Paula Kent Meehan, 1931 – American Businesswoman10th AugustIrene Steer, 1889 – British Olympic SwimmerEra Bell Thompson, 1905 – African American Journalist & Editor Rica Erickson, 1908 – Australian Naturalist, Author & Artist Dolores Alexander, 1931 – American Activist and Writer11th AugustEva Ahnert-Rohlfs, 1912 – German Astronomer Louise Bogan, 1897 – American Poet and Editor Enid Blyton, 1897 – British Author12th AugustEdith Hamilton, 1867 - German American Educator Helena Blavatsky, 1831 – Russian Theosophist Radclyffe Hall, 1880 – British Poet, Writer and Activist Zerna Sharp, 1889 – American Educator and Author13th AugustLucy Stone, 1818 – American Abolitionist and Suffragist Annie Oakley, 1860 – American Sharpshooter Ellen Osiier, 1890 – Danish Olympic Fencer14th AugustSibilla Aleramo, 1876 – Italian Author and Feminist Gisela Richter, 1882 – British Archaeologist and Art Historian Alice Rivaz, 1901 – Swiss Author and Feminist15th AugustGerty Cori, 1896 – American Biochemist & Nobel Prize winner Edith Nesbit, 1858 – British Author Marion Bauer, 1882 – US Composer, Writer & Music Critic Bridget Mason, 1818 – African American Nurse & Entrpreneur16th AugustGeorgette Heyer, 1902 – British NovelistFrances Buss, 1827 – British Education Reformer Elsie Inglis, 1864 – British Doctor & Suffragist17th AugustClara Meijer-Wichmann, 1885 – German Anarchist & Feminist Mary Cain, 1904 – American Newspaper Editor Bronislawa Wajs “Papusza”, 1908 – Polish Romani PoetFrederika Bremer, 1801 – Finnish/Swedish Writer & Feminist18th AugustNettie Palmer, 1885 – Australian Author and Literary Critic Vijayalaxmi Pandit, 1900 – Indian Diplomat and Politician Margaret Murie, 1902 – American Conservationist Lydia Litvyak, 1921 – Russian WW2 Fighter Pilot19th AugustCoco Chanel, 1883 – French Fashion Designer Ellen Willmott, 1858 – English Horticulturalist Rose Heilbron, 1914 – 1st female Judge at the Old Bailey Anna Terruwe, 1911 – Dutch Psychiatrist20th AugustJeanne Stern, 1908 - French/German Writer & Translator Ellen Roosevelt, 1868 – American Tennis Champion Jacqueline Susann, 1918 – American Author21st AugustKate Loder, 1825 – English composer and pianist Eleanor Davies-Colley, 1874 – British Surgeon MM Kaye, 1908 – British Writer Judy Grable, 1935 – American Professional Wrestler22nd AugustDorothy Parker, 1893 – American Writer, Critic & Satirist Leni Riefenstahl, 1902 – German Director & Photographer Mary McGrory, 1918 – American Journalist23rd AugustMalvina Reynolds, 1900 – US singer-songwriter and activist Sarah Frances Whiting, 1847 – US Physicist & AstronomerHannah Frank, 1908 – Scottish Artist and Sculptor24th AugustJean Rhys, 1890 – British Writer Ruth Schaumann , 1899 – German Poet, Sculptor & Illustrator Elizabeth Lee Hazen, 1885 – American Microbiologist Lavinia Fontana, 1552 – Italian Artist25th AugustDorothea Tanning, 1910 – American Artist and writer Zsuzsa Körmöczy, 1924 – Hungarian Tennis Player Thea Astley, 1925 – Australian Author Althea Gibson, 1927 – African American Sportswoman26th AugustDora Gabe, 1886 – Bulgarian Poet Elizebeth Friedman, 1892 – American Cryptanalyst Zona Gale, 1874 – Pulitzer Prize winning AuthorGeraldine Ferraro, 1935 – American Lawyer and Politician27th AugustKatharine McCormick, 1875 – US Biologist, Suffragist & Philanthropist Halet Çambel, 1916 – Turkish Athlete, Activist, ArchaeologistRosalie Wahl, 1924 – American Judge28th AugustTasha Tudor, 1915 – American Illustrator & Author Janet Frame, 1924 – New Zealand Author Lida Scott Howell, 1859 – American Archery Champion29th AugustAnna Ella Carroll, 1815 – American politician and lobbyist Salme Dutt, 1888 – British Political Activist Dinah Washington, 1924 – African American Singer & Pianist30th AugustMary Shelley, 1797 – British Writer Nancy Wake, 1912 – British/NZ/Australian Agent, WW2 Virginia Lee Burton, 1909 – American Author & Illustrator Bertha Parker Cody, 1907 – Native American Archaeologist Molly Ivins, 1944 – American Columnist & Humourist31st AugustMaria Montessori, 1870 – Italian Physician & Educator Amrita Pritam, 1919 – Punjabi Writer and Poet Agnes Bulmer, 1775 – English PoetJosephine Ruffin, 1842 – African American Publisher & Activist _____________________________________
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Be One of These Powerful Women for Halloween!
glitter shoes

Check out these 10  powerful women and dress up like one of them this year for Halloween! You can be a world leader! Who else should we add to this list?

1. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

2. Wonder Woman, Fabulous Character of a Number One Movie in the World

3. Melinda Gates, Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

4. Malala, Teen Gunshot Victim, Noble Peace Prize Winner, International Role Model

5. Jill Abramson, Executive Editor, The New York Times

6. Sonia Gandhi, President, Indian National Congress Party

7. Michelle Obama, Former US First Lady

8. Christine Lagarde, Head of International Monetary Fund

9. Janet Napolitano, US Secretary of Homeland Security

10. Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Or just decorate your shoes with glitter and glue and call yourself a fashion designer!

Who else should we add? What are YOU dressing up as this year for Halloween?


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May is All About Today in History
First African American Woman to be named Consulant in Poetry

Welcome to Today in History May!

Each day of May, we’ll be taking a look at something historical that a woman has done. Why? Because, when we learn about the cool things women have done in our history, we get inspired. We see what WE can do. We understand that we are changing the world, every day.

Know of some cool woman who did something that you admire? Share it right here!

Here’s our first, Today in History story:

On May 1, 1950 – Gwendolyn Brooks became the first African-American woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, named Library of Congress’s Consultant in Poetry. Today they call people who earn this distinction a Poet Laureate. There have been 5 female poets laureate and 16 male poets laureate. Prior to 1985, they were called consultants in poetry and there were 6 female consultants in poetry by 1985 and 23 male consultants in poetry.

Gwendolyn inspired readers to think about what it really means to support human rights and the dignity of each human life. Her point of view resonates with us today. We, as a group of people on this planet, still seem to struggle with the idea of basic, human rights.

The first woman consultant in poetry was  Louise Bogan, who held the post from 1945 to 1946.

 Louise Bogan, 1945 to 1946

Louise Bogan, 1945 to 1946

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31 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Lili Cheng
Famous Women Engineers

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No. 31: Microsoft's Lili Cheng

It’s something we all love to do: dream big dreams of our futures. That is what Lili Cheng did as a little girl and now she is a distinguished engineer in Microsoft’s AI & Research division. Cheng is a 20-year Microsoft veteran currently working on smart, conversational bots (the Microsoft Bot Framework). In other words, Microsoft has no intention of ceding the voice interface market to Amazon Alexa, and Cheng is charged with making that so.

And, she helped organize a two-day gathering of all things bot in New York known as Botness. And before all that, she was the director of user experience for Microsoft Windows.

Internally, she’s known as the person behind Kodu Game Lab, a game for teaching kids programming, created seven years ago.

Thank you for these 31 great examples of big dreamers, big learners and big doers, Business Insider! Here’s to an inspiration month of learning about Engineers Like You! Thanks!!!

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30 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Joyce Tung
Famous Women Engineers

Number 30: 23andMe’s Joyce Tung

No. 30: 23andMe's Joyce Tung

When she was just a little girl she dreamed of her own success, just like you. And now, Joyce Tung, is vice president of research at 23andMe.

She studied and received her PhD is in biology and genetics and has a minor in computer science. So she is actually not an engineer. But she is a key player at the company that pioneered home genetic tests. Business professionals expect this to become a $10 billion industry by 2020. That’s a huge deal! This new kind of work is going to have a huge impact on how people understand their ancestry and their bodies.

Tung is leading a team of scientists responsible for the company’s research services that is beginning to influence everything from clinical treatment and drug development to insights into human development.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this amazing resource of role model engineers!

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29 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Bear Douglas
Famous Women Engineers

Number 29: Slack’s Bear Douglas

No. 29: Slack's Bear Douglas

Bear DouglasTwitter

Bear Douglas is the Developer Advocacy Lead at Slack.

Douglas just joined Slack from Twitter to help it serve and attract developers. There are already hundreds of apps that integrate with Slack but Slack is so serious about this area, it is investing in Slack-based startups.

Douglas is well-known from her time in this same role Twitter. (And Twitter poached her from doing the same job at Facebook.)

Twitter offered a service called Fabric, a tool that helps them improve their apps. She helped convince 580,000 developers to use Fabric. Twitter just sold it to Google in January.

Although her background is in anthropology, archaeologic and economics by education, she was a kid coder who self-taught herself mobile apps and has earned the respect of the dev community.

Thank you, Business Insider, for introducing these world class engineers to us!

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28 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Raji Arasu
Famous Women Engineers

Number 28: Intuit’s Raji Arasu

No. 28: Intuit's Raji Arasu

When she was a little girl, she had big dreams. She was just like you. Now, Raji Arasu, is Intuit’s senior vice president of Platform and Services where she’s responsible for a global organization. Her task is to support developers and third-parties who build products that tie into Intuit’s core products. She’s the former  CTO for StubHub who earned her stripes at Oracle and eBay early in her career.

She’s also an advisory board member of Code.org, a non-profit dedicated toward training more people to code, particularly women and minorities.  And she’s on the board of federal tech service provider NIC.

Thank you, Business Insider, for helping us get to know these global superstar engineers!

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27 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Deb Liu
Famous Women Engineers

Number 27: Facebook’s Deb Liu

No. 27: Facebook's Deb Liu

Big dreams can come true. Deb Liu was a little girl who had big dreams and now she is the vice president of Platform & Marketplace at Facebook. She runs product management and engineering for Facebook’s developer and commerce businesses. She manages all kinds of products that help make money on Facebook.

For instance, she led Facebook’s games business, manages the payments platform, led the business unit’s first mobile ad product and she collected a handful of patents along the way.

She also serves on the board of a nonprofit that encourages girls to enter STEM careers, Expanding Your Horizons Network, and, last year, co-created the networking organization Women in Product.

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26 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Melody Meckfessel
Famous Women Engineers

Number 26: Google’s Melody Meckfessel

No. 26: Google's  Melody Meckfessel

When you dream it’s wonderful to see how you can make those dreams come true. Melody Meckfessel was once just like you and now is the senior engineering director at Google’s Cloud Platform. In 2013, before Google got into the cloud business in a big a way, Wired named her as the woman who was “at the heart of everything Google builds.”  That year, she took on the role she has today, leading Developer Tools and Signals for Google’s Cloud Platform and its engineering teams.

These are the tools that will convince programmers to choose Google’s cloud for their apps, starting with Google’s own internal crop of the thousands of programmers.

Thank you, Business Insider, for introducing us to these phenomenal engineers!

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25 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Kate Bergeron
Famous Women Engineers

Number 25: Apple’s Kate Bergeron

No. 25: Apple's Kate Bergeron

Dreams, education and hard work are the stepping stones for great success, right? It’s what you do, too, right? Well then, you are just like Kate Bergeron, who is proof that it works. She is vice president, hardware engineering at Apple. Bergeron is a key player on the team that develops Mac accessories, like its mouse and its keyboards.

She’s part of the Apple design labs known as the Input Design Lab, which has worked on items like Retina displays, rechargeable input devices, a force touch trackpad and so on, Backchannel’s Steven Levy reported in 2015.

She’s been at Apple since 2002, working her way up from a senior engineer role.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this great list of engineers!

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