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Tween Girl Book Club WEEK-LONG Party
Photo Credit: jimw

It’s a WEEK LONG PARTAY! Check back each day for the next week and join the fun… AND get a chance to win some prizes! You can do any of the challenges any time. Each day there will be a new one ;) Here’s how:

Every time you send in an answer or idea, you get another chance to WIN: 1) a set of iTwixie stickers or 2) an iTwixie T-shirt, or 3) an uber cool Writer’s journal. Cool, yes?

And everyone who sends something in will earn a Book Club achievement too!

Tuesday’s challenge is: What color do you think would be Seraphina’s favorite color? Why?

Monday’s challenge is:  Seraphina is embarrassed about her family background and tries to keep it hidden. Have you ever felt that way about your family? Do you have advice for anyone who does feel that way?

Sunday’s challenge is:  Seraphina is said to be resourceful, brave, and empathetic. Which would you like people to say of you?

Saturday’s challenge is:  If you had to choose between the love of your father or your BFF, whose love would you choose and why?

Friday’s challenge is:  List the most important trait you look for in a BFF or boyfriend! Seraphina discovers what means most to her through her experiences. What is most important to you — honesty, loyalty, bravery?

Thursday’s challenge is:  List at least 3 things about Dragons that you know or have learned. Each thing you list is another entry to WIN!

So here’s today’s challenge… make up a cool poem about Seraphina by using the letters of her name. So, for example, for S you might say SUPER… get the idea? Have fun, girls!


Check back tomorrow for another way to WIN!

Book Winners from last week are: GiganticbookwormlubistBookReader! Congratulations, girls!

Did you like Seraphina?

 Just click on iTwixie’s Book Club to keep the chat going.


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina, the main character, is smart, resourceful, brave, and empathetic. Are you a little like Seraphina?

 (Photo Credit: jimw)

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Join the Chat and Win

This week we have 5 True or False questions for you. Although they relate to the story, the answers are really about what you think – so all answers you give are correct! Everyone who puts her answers in the comment section below WINS a Book Club Award! 

Last week’s Book Achievement winners were Hairycherries and BookReader. Great job!


True or False:

1) Musical talent like Seraphina’s is a gift from birth — no amount of practicing can make you that good.
2) Seraphina’s father seems very distant to her. He just does not know what is best for her but he really loves her.
3) Seraphina is caught in a web of lies. She really wants to be honest but feels that she cannot. That happens to everyone once in a while.
4) Orma, Seraphina’s uncle and mentor, has no emotions because he is a dragon.
5) Seraphina tries to do what is right no matter how hard that is for her. Right action in the face of danger is what being a hero means.


  • Are you liking Seraphina? If you haven’t started yet, there’s still time! Next week will include up to Chapter 27.
  • Next  Wednesday, April 10,  we’ll have some more fun stuff and we’ll announce more Achievement Winners!
  • AND THERE’S MORE! Just click on iTwixie’s Book Club to chat about more book club stuff ;)


The winning book for iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club is a story about dragons, but with a twist:


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina, the main character, is smart, resourceful, brave, and empathetic. If you haven’t yet, pick up the book and join us every Wednesday, for more chances to win prizes, earn achievements and have tons of book club fun.

AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS! April 17, we’ll have a cool, ALL DAY Book Club Party!


(Photo Credit: adhityaISRS)


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