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Top 10 Tween Websites

These are the top 10 websites, nominated and voted for by iTwixie Tween Girls:


Thanks so much, girls, for creating this great list! Now what do you think about reviewing them?



(Photo Credit: abbamouse)

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Vote for Your Fave Websites

Check out this great list of fave websites made by iTwixie girls! Do you see your fave websites here? You can add one in the box labeled “other!”  You can also vote more than once.

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Next week, on June 13, iTwixie will list the top 10 Tween Girl Websites!! Check back to see if you agree ;)



(Photo Credit: San Jose Library)

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Fave Tween Websites

Let your iTwixie BFFs in on your fave places to go online! Just enter at least 5 of your fave websites in the comments below. Really, it would be so fabulous if you would list your fave websites no matter how long the list is!! Then we will have a great list to vote on ;)

Next week, on June 6, we will put together a list of your fave websites for you to vote.

Then on June 13 we will put up YOUR list of the top 10 Tween Girl websites.

This is gonna be so much fun. Join in!


(Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup)

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Real or Fake?

Look at the feature photos above. Can you tell which one is real? The only thing that’s different between the two photos is the color…yet one is a fake!

Take iTwixie’s Real or Fake Challenge:
Guess which photo is real in the comments section. You will win the challenge just by telling us what you think!


How do you feel about images of women being changed to make their faces, bodies, hair or other body parts different from the original photos?

You can get involved, too. Just write a blog and tell the world how YOU feel about the fake images magazines feature on their pages.

Write letters to your fave magazines and ask them to change their policies. Tell your iTwixie friends! Your ideas to make images more real and true will make a difference. Together, we can make a huge difference!


Get this: Jessica Barlow, petitioned Cleo to change its policy on images of young girls and Cleo did! Three Cheers for Jessica!!!

14 year-old Julia Bluhm started a petition for Seventeen Magazine to include one, photo-shop-free double page spread photo in every issue. She got over 84,000 signatures and Seventeen Magazine agreed! How cool is that?!?

You can get involved, too. Write a blog about what you think about all of this!

Send a letter to a publisher… start a petition… start a club… so many ways YOU can keep changing the world, iTwixie girls. YOU ROCK!


(Special thanks to Jerry Lodriguss and Change.org)

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Top 10 Ways to Stop the Drama
photo by zalouk webdesign

You are going to love this! Ready? Here are… DRUMROLL…

iTwixie’s Top 10 Ways to Stop the Drama:

10. Help Others. When we help others it helps us feel thankful for all we have.

9.  Calm yourself down before talking through a disagreement or something emotional with your friends.

8. When you hear gossip, don’t repeat it.

7. Follow this rule of thumb: If she’s gossiping about someone else, she’s gossiping about you; don’t tell her stuff.

6. Give your opinion then listen. If your BFF still struggles with what to do,  keep listening. Don’t argue. She’s just trying to figure it out.

5. Listen and Lock It: when your BFF tells you something, keep it to yourself.

4. If you see gossip online or on social media sites, don’t share it, don’t forward it, just delete it. And always tell an adult if it’s harmful about someone. Adults cannot help if they don’t know.

3. Remind yourself: we’re just kids. We are not perfect. It’s ok to mess up. Apologize and move on. Learn and grow from it.

2. When gossip starts, walk away or change the subject.

1. Find drama-free friends – seriously – this works.

Whatchya think? Are girls all about drama? Got any tips to add? Do you like these? Tell us in the comments section below:

(Photo Credit: zalouk webdesign)

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Top 5 Phone Rules for Girls
photo by moriza

We asked a bunch of girls what they thought, and they said that they didn’t like it when their BFF gets on her phone when they’re hanging out. But whenever someone takes out her phone, everyone else will take out theirs, too. Next thing you know, no one’s talking. Everyone’s looking down.

Do you like that? Do you do that? What do you wish would happen instead?

We worked with girls between the ages of 8 and 16 to come up with this great list of how to have fun with your BFFs AND your phones. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Top 5 Phone Rules for Girls:

5. Say, “Excuse me,” when you use your phone in a group. It makes everyone feel like you’d rather be with them than on your phone.

4. Share pictures you take with your phone with friends nearby. That way, everyone gets to have fun.

3. Leave your phone in your backpack when you’re hanging out with your BFF. If you are waiting to hear about something, just place your phone, face down, on a table nearby, so you’re not tempted to look.

2. Be that girl who doesn’t hang out on her phone at a party. Even if your friends start texting you, just keep your phone hidden. Say hi to people. Introduce your friends to each other. If someone at the party texts you, text them after the party is over and apologize for missing them, but that you were having a great time, so you missed the text. Your friends will catch on. And they’ll be happier about it, too.

1. Get a friend to leave her phone hidden, too. So maybe you don’t want to try this all alone. No big! Ask your BFF to put her phone away, too. She’ll probably be so happy you did! If everyone’s wishing that everyone would be on the phone less, maybe all it’s gonna take is for you and your BFF to agree to start hanging out together more and spending less time on the phone… pretty simple. But it might just work!

Pretty brilliant, right? Whatchya think?
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(Photo Credit: moriza)


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Girls On Guard
from the mothercompany

A disagreement doesn’t have to feel like a sword fight.

We ALL disagree sometimes. It’s what makes life so much fun. We are all so different! Friends, siblings, strangers and world leaders all disagree. But a disagreement doesn’t have to turn into a huge fight. And we never have to be mean about it. End of story.

So, here are 5 easy to do things for you to try, next time you don’t agree with someone. Ready?

Let’s start with the simple idea that you and your BFF disagree about something.

1) First, take turns saying one thing you like about each other. Example: I like how you’re smart. I like your sense of humor.

2) Then say what you think. Just say it in a sentence. No hitting, punching, yelling or interrupting. Example: I want to go to the movie. I want to go to the play.

3) Now, give one reason for why you feel that way. When you’re listening, don’t interrupt. Just listen. Example: I don’t want to go to that movie ever. I never want to go to the play.

4) And here’s when it gets good: take turns giving each other one reason you might change your mind. Example: If you go to the move with me, I’ll go to the play with you. If you go to the play with me, I’ll go to the movie with you.

5) Ha! Wasn’t that great? LOL! Really, LAUGH OUT LOUD! Together! Sometimes solving a disagreement is that simple. All we really need to do is to find the common ground between two ideas. In the example, it was all about compromise, right? Each girl gave in a little so that she could get what she wanted. Fun!

Sure, every disagreement won’t be this easy. But one thing is for sure: if we try, we can work just about every disagreement out without a big fight. All it takes is a little time to be kind, respectful and listen to each other, you can work just about any disagreement out.

Try it! Did it work? Tell us right here!

(Photo Credit: TheMotherCompany)

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Bully Test
by MissBlackflag

We all want bullying to stop. Right?

So one way to help it stop is to figure out how we can stop bullying others, too.

See, it’s true. Once in a while, we all can become the bully. See for yourself. See if you say yes to any of these questions:

Take a look at these questions and check all that apply:

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Surprising, yes? Well, if you said yes to any of these questions, you are like most of us. We aren’t perfect! Sometimes, even the nicest peeps can be unkind. The important thing is to stop now, and think about other ways you can choose to treat others.

If you answered yes to more than half of these questions, take some time today and talk to an adult you trust to come up with better ways to treat others.

Remember: try and respect each other, be kind and speak up if you see anyone around you treating another in an unkind way. We don’t all have to be best friends. But we do need to be kind and to respect each other.

Together, we can put a stop to bullying.
(Photo Credit: MissBlackflag)
(Special thanks to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Girlshealth.gov)


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Socialite or Social-ew
Cool tweens by apparena

1. Speak Out

Ever notice that the loudest voice in a room isn’t always the most pleasant? That’s because someone like you needs to Speak Out. Got a good thing to say? Share it. Text it. Blog it. Let us all hear it. Good ideas and positive energy always win the spotlight. And when someone’s rude, Speak Out, too. it’s good to remind each other that we don’t need to be rude or inappropriate to make a point. Keep it simple, like “that wasn’t nice,” or “I disagree and wish you’d be nicer.” They’ll get the point.

2. Speak Face to Face

When your gut tells you it’s time to put down that phone and speak to your BFF in person, trust it. You’re probably right. Some conversations are simply best to have Face to Face. You’ll cherish them more. They’ll be more meaningful. And your BFFs will see your Social Superstardom shine through every part of you.

3. Kill ‘Em with Kindness 

Everyone wants to be loved. So love ‘em all!
Should you let someone disrespect you? No, no, no! But try starting a conversation with a little love — say a compliment — it’s always a great way to get someone to pay attention. Even the toughest kid will want to hear more. “Great job on that test,” or “Nice shot,” or “I totally agreed with your question in class,” are some easy ways to get on the same page with your future, new, or old, BFF right away.

How did our 3 Tips for being a Social Superstar work for you?  Like them? Feeling like a Social Superstar yet? So, tell us, how is your Social Superstardom going?

(Photo Credit: apparena)

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3 Tips to be a Social Superstar


Smiling is contagious. No kidding! When you smile at someone, she’ll smile back. Smiling makes everyone feel happier :) PLUS, a smile gives you the chance to look your best right away and make a great first impression. Smiling also builds confidence. Even when we feel nervous, scientists say that forcing a smile can help to calm nerves, create a relaxed and happy feeling, and makes our audience smile, too. Isn’t it easier to talk to someone new when they’re smiling? So keeping smiling, iTwixie girls!


Many people simply don’t feel comfortable making eye contact. But when we do, wow, it makes a huge difference. Studies show that people think a person who makes eye contact is honest and knows more about whatever she is saying. So be sure to look into the eyes of the person you’re getting to know. It sounds so simple, but it’s so, so worth it.


No matter if you’re online, texting a friend or meeting someone new in person, some questions work better than others for getting to know new people, without getting too personal. Always keep yourself safe, girlie! Use them as a guide to ask about the kinds of things that matter most to you. The big idea here is learn how to chat about different topics! Unique ideas are what can make a friendship really special. So think about questions like these:

1) What is your favorite website?

2) Do you play a sport?

3) Are you looking forward to Spring?


What do you want to know when you meet someone NEW?

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You’re ready to go, iTwixie girl! Give these 3 tips a try for the next week. Tell us, how did they work for you? Feeling like a Social Superstar? What else works to keep you safe and having fun, when meeting people?

(Photo Credit: ER24EMS(Pty)Ltd.)

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