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Happy First Day of Spring!


Whether you are under snow in Colorado, or surprised at how warm it is in New York, today is the first day of SPRING! Let’s make this your strongest Spring ever!


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Maker April

Happy Maker April!

This month, shareyour ideas all over iTwixie:
- Send in an iTwixie t-shirt design!
- Take our brand new polls and quizzes and be heard!
- Share photos for In Her Shoes
- Write songs, advice columns and poems on your blog
- Join the iTwixie Book Club and read with other girls from all around the world, just like you!

We want to hear about what YOU make. You are a Maker! Join the iTwixie Maker Movement. So fun!

And see if you can win this month’s Girl Maker of the Month award or even become the Maker April Blogger of the Month!

So many ways to BE HEARD and WIN on iTwixie this month! Can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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Best Brands for Girls Vote

Happy Fashion Friday! We have exciting news!

Introducing iTwixie’s Best Brands for Girls! It’s our chance to speak out and tell the world which brands we LOVE! We’ll share the results with the world every Friday. So vote now! Vote for your fave brands!

Think: if someone was going to buy something for you, which of these brands would you want it to be? Don’t see it here? Just add it in the comments section. You can vote for more than one, too!

My top 10 favorite brands are

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Stop Spring Stress!
music 2

Ah… Spring! You gotta love it, right? The weather, the sports, the fashion, the fun! But do you also love the stress? Of course not!

Spring can bring a lot of stress, too. And when we’re stressed we can get moody, angry, sad, lose focus and even get sick. So here are some ways to figure out if you’re getting stressed out and then how to CHILL OUT when the stress starts taking over. You’re going to love these ideas:

1. Do you feel happy and then a few minutes later, start feeling sad, especially when you think about your homework or a list of things you’ve got to do? Or do you hear yourself yelling a lot, especially at your family?
2. Do you look at a page and start daydreaming immediately?
3. Are you constantly biting your nails? Looking for food? Throwing things on the floor?
4. Do you whine every time you’re asked to do something?
5. Have you forgotten when you last laughed?

If you have said “yes” to 3 or more of these things, you may be STRESSED OUT! Try these tips next time you feel stressed. You have the power to CHILL OUT. You really do! And these are easy things to try, right now:
1. Inch by Inch Body Chill 
Imagine your body, inch by inch, becoming really still. Breathe deeply while you imagine this happening. Start with your hair. End with your toes. By the time you’ve helped your whole body get really still, you’ll also feel light, happy and at peace. This should take 3-15 minutes. If you fall asleep, maybe that’s a sign you need more sleep!

2. Listen to Your Breathing
Breathe in and out 10 times. While you breathe, listen to the sound of the air traveling through your nose, into your lungs and then out again. Try and hold each breath for about 5 – 10 seconds. With each breath, say to yourself, “I can figure this out. I can handle this.” That beautiful sound of each breath while saying these empowering statements will help you realize that you can handle the situation that’s stressing you out, even if it means that you need to ask for help. You can do it.

3. Keep it Positive
Take the negative worry in your mind and replace it with the positive. If you keep thinking, “I don’t know where to start,” replace that negative thought with “I’ll make a list and start with number 1.” Making a plan helps us take action. Once we take action, we feel more powerful. Keep your plan positive!

3. Teach elevator breathing

Tell your child to close his eyes, slowly breath out three times, then imagine he’s in an elevator on the top of a very tall building. He presses the button for the first floor and watches the buttons for each level slowly light up as the elevator goes down. As the elevator descends, his stress fades away.

4. Create a Safe Place
If going to practice or class makes you feel stressed, create a space for yourself that you just love. Give it a smell or a sound or a look that you can imagine while you’re away. When you finish going to the place that’s causing you stress, you’ll feel more calm, knowing that when you return home you get to also return to your special, safe place.

5. Let It Go
Imagine that you are holding the thing that really makes you feel tense, right in the palm of your hand. Then squeeze it in your hand. Now open your hand and let it go. Imagine the thing that stresses you out flying out of your hand and away from you. Feel peace as it goes away. Let yourself smile. Maybe even say something, like, “Wow, that’s better.” Listen to your voice as you calmly say these words.

Still feel stressed? Try one of these:
1. Sign up for a yoga class!
2. Go for a 20-minute walk or run with a parent or BFF
3. Brush or bathe your pet
4. Make a card for someone you love
5. Listen to your favorite music

Did this help?

By letting yourself say that you feel stressed, you’re also letting yourself find solutions. Spring is a great time to sort stress out. You can find outdoor beauty and activities to help you find your inner peace. How do you keep Stress-Free? Tell us!


Photo credit: he(art)geek

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iTwixie Studies Prairie Dogs: Week Seventeen and Final Week


The prairie dog expert team uses stuffed badgers in a life-like pose, like the one below, to find out how prairie dogs react to badgers.

smiling_stuffed_badger_on_sled to show tweens study prop.
Photo Credit: Kathleen Eddy


Prairie dogs react the same way to both live and stuffed badgers! So this week the researchers will be conducting more experiments with this stuffed badger.

What do you want to know about badgers and prairie dogs?

If you have missed any of the prairie dog study, you may wish to go to Week 1 and work up or start at Week 16 and work back. Jot your questions down right now and we’ll answer them next week — it’ll be our last week of our study!

Researcher Notes:

  • Female prairie dogs with babies are most likely to give an alarm call when they see a badger. But many males also call. Least likely to call are females who did not have any babies.
  • As baby prairie dogs get bigger, they sometimes call as well.
  • We spotted a ring-billed gull this week.

Thanks, Dr. Hoogland, and your prairie dog expert team for sharing their pictures and videos with us!

Next week we’ll wrap up our study and give you some cool info on the prairie dog expert team and the professor who leads this study.

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