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Friendship Bracelet DIY

Tell Us! We Need To Hear from YOU by September 1!!!

On October 11, 2017, we will celebrate the 6th annual International Day of the Girl (IDG), and the 5th annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations.

It’s a huge year for girls around the world. That’s why we need YOU!

Think about girls you know and girls around the world and how they are overcoming the unique challenges they face just because they are girls. Then think about what it’s like where you live. Do or girls like you face unfairness just because you are a girl?  How do you deal with it? How do you overcome it?

Then, tell us a story about it. How did you – or a girl you know where you live – handle something unfair, unjust or even experienced a crisis, just because she is a girl.

There are so many unusual challenges girls have to deal with today, from injustice in society, their community and in the workplace, to unfairness in opportunities in education, or gender violence, sexism, war, climate change, and many others. There’s no right or wrong answer here. What’s important is how you define “crisis” or “injustice” and how you or a girl you know dealt with it.

We want to hear YOUR story. Your story will inspire others. Your story is like the story of millions of girls around the world who will be empowered by hearing from you. So tell us your story!

What is IDG
IDG is our day to celebrate girls everywhere – to celebrate our power, our voices, and our unique place in this world. Help us showcase the creative and collective voice of girls everywhere. The leaders of today need to hear from you. Let’s inspire everyone with our stories of girl power — in art, pictures, poetry, songs, video — to showcase the unique role girls play in our world. No girl is alone. And we are stronger when we raise our voices together. That’s why we need your voice!

5th Annual Day of the Girl

We will select a diverse set of bold, funny, sensitive, and powerful, everyday stories from girls to showcase during IDG 2017 on Wednesday, October 11 as part of the 5th annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations in New York City!

Here’s how you can send in your story:

  1. You can send your story as an individual girl, or a story put together by a group of girls — be sure that all of you are between 13-18 years old, and then capture your story!
  2. Tell the whole story in any way you wish –  monologue, a story, a poem, a rant, a piece of visual art, a video, or a song. Be you! Tell us: what happened?
     who was there?
     when was it?
     where were you?
     why did you do what you did?
     who supported you?
     what was the outcome?
  3. Then send it to us! Email it, with the consent form, to: IDGsubmissions@gmail.com
    Include: your name, age, country, and contact information
    Send it no later than Friday, August 18th 11:59PM US EST!

And get this, everyone who submits her work will be featured during the month of October on the DayoftheGirlSummit.org website, in our IDG2017 Webcast, or Shoutout Page! Please make sure your submission is in one of these formats:

Poetry or monologue (maximum 250 words)
Video or song (maximum length of 2 minutes)
Photograph (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels)
Art or graphic design (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels)

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Blogger of the Month for April!
April Blogger of the Month


Way to go, @basicallyfinella! You are the iTwixie Blogger of the Month for April! Way to go! Now, just send your parents’ home mailing address to us (info at itwixie dot com) and we’ll send a pocket writing journal to you! Thanks for helping to build the iTwixie Nation – you help everyone feel so inspired! We love reading your blogs! You rock!

Calling all iTwixie girls: be sure to read each other’s blogs and see how they can spark your to write your own blogs! Maybe YOU will be our next Blogger of the Month!

How the New Blogger of the Month Works
For each month in 2017, our iTwixie Team will choose 5 girls to be featured in a vote for Blogger of the Month. Then we all get to vote for who we think ought to win. The winner will get a prize! Once you’ve won Blogger of the Month, you will need to wait a year before getting another  chance to be featured in the vote, so that more girls get the chance to win. Sound fun?

Get blogging and voting and maybe YOU will be our next Blogger of the Month!

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Join the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations

Every girl has a moment when she realizes she’s special because she’s a girl. When was yours? Tell us about it!

We need your story for this year’s
2nd Annual Day of the Girl Summit - Girls Speak Out Event
at the United Nations
 in New York City!

It could be a story about a brave act, a best friend adventure, or a silly celebration… it’s all up to you!

Then send it to The Day of the Girl Summit via info@dayofthegirlsummit.org

Hands UpThey are looking for a diverse collection of bold, funny, and everyday stories to be performed LIVE by girls during at the United Nations in New York City on Friday, October 10th.

And get this! Some of these stories will also be featured on the Day of the Girl Summit site for the entire month of October in celebration of IDG 2014! www.DayoftheGirlSummit.org

Help celebrate girls everywhere – to celebrate our power, our voices and our unique place in today’s world.

The leaders of today need to hear from you. To hear YOUR VOICE! Please send in your story and help make this year’s Girls Speak Out HER-storical!


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