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April Blogger of the Month

Let’s hear it for, @sofi! You are our Blogger of the Month for April! Way to go, @sofi! Keep writing great blogs! Lea will create a cool custom avatar, just for you, so keep an eye out for it :) Hope you LOVE it!

iTwixie bloggers ROCK! That’s why we like to give out a Blogger of the Month award to recognize your unique, awesome voices! We think the world should join us and #ListenToGirls!!! So when you write, you add your voice to the voices around the world. And that’s awesome. Keep blogging, girls!

How iTwixie Blogger of the Month Works

Each month, we take nominations for Blogger of the Month and then iTwixie girls vote for the winner. We make sure there’s a new winner each month so we get to recognize all kinds of cool bloggers who make the iTwixie Nation such a powerful community.

About Lea
Lea says that it fills her up with joy to see how her art can put a smile on people’s faces, and how she feels like she can make them feel good about themselves. We are proud to have Lea join the iTwixie team, as she finishes her undergraduate degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Thank you, Lea! You rock!

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Take the iTwixie 5 A Day Challenge
5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day

Get your whole family to join in on the iTwixie 5 A Day Challenge! Here’s how:

Eat 5 Fruits or Vegetables a Day for 1 Week

That’s it! Take the challenge and start today! We cannot wait for YOU to feel as amazing as you can in just one week. Here’s a great salad to get YOU started:

Just chop up the following and put it in a bowl for you and your family to enjoy:

  • One fresh head of lettuce
  • One fresh tomato – sliced
  • One ball of fresh mozzerella or feta cheese – chopped
  • One fresh cucumber – peeled and chopped
  • One bunch of fresh kale – chopped
  • Two fresh carrots – grated or chopped
Take a serving and drizzle your favorite salad dressing on top. And that’s it! Enjoy!

Take the 5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day Challenge and tell us how you feel in ONE WEEK! Bet you’ll feel stronger, have more energy and healthier! C’mon! Take the Challenge and tell us, right here!



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In the US, today is National Running Day. So get out and RUN today!

Run a block.

Run around your house.

Run around your neighborhood.

Run a mile!

Whatever you do, remember to get your parent’s permission FIRST and stay safe while you run! Now go running and tell us all about it!

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Make this Parfait

Need a great snack for after school that will keep you feeling strong until dinner? Try this!

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Greek yogurt, any flavor

- Your favorite cereal

- Real whipped cream

- Your favorite fruit

Here’s what you’ll do:

- Put 2 spoonfuls of greek yogurt in the bottom of a glass

- Put 1 handful of your favorite cereal on top

- Put a layer of your favorite fruit on top of the cereal

- If you have room, repeat the prior 3 layers

- Now put a spray of real whipped cream on top and put one of those fruit pieces on top, too

Dig in! This snack will power you up for hours and is a terrific source of protein, calcium and Vitamin C.

Send in a picture of YOURS!

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FOUR BeYOUtiful Years

To celebrate iTwixie’s birthday, we’re giving away FOUR packages of FOUR iTwixie t-shirts for you and your friends! Just write why YOU love iTwixie in the comments section below and YOU could be the winner of a package of FOUR iTwixie t-shirts… and a little birthday surprise!

Keep writing all week long. Every time you write a comment, you’ll get another chance to win FOUR packages of FOUR iTwixie t-shirts! We will announce the FOUR winners next week on Friday, May 31. Good luck girls!

Cheers to YOU, the iTwixie Nation! Because of YOU, girls around the world are getting:


YOU are CHANGING THE WORLD. Now that’s BeYOUtiful! Here’s to the iTwixie Revolution, the iTwixie Nation and FOUR BeYOUtiful YEARS! Cheers to many more!

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