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When you read what girls write, how do you feel? More powerful? Less alone? Curious? Stronger?

We feel like girls can empower girls, just by sharing their stories. What are yours? No matter what’s going on in your world, it’s good to share it. That’s why iTwixie bloggers ROCK! And that’s why we give out a Blogger of the Month award to recognize your unique, awesome voices! We think the world should join us and #ListenToGirls!!! And so now it’s time to Vote for the Blogger of the Month for June!

How iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month Works
Each month, the iTwixie Team presents five bloggers as candidates for Blogger of the Month. And then YOU vote for the winner. We make sure there’s a new winner each month. It’s our way of recognizing the cool bloggers that make iTwixie so cool.

Check out these amazing bloggers and then vote for your fave! We’ll announce the winner next week: @cookiegirl373 @cute-cupcake-girl @thunderbird @bettyeyb1 @lily-avery

Who should be no the list for next month? Tell us in the comments section below!

Here are the bloggers up for vote for June, so vote now!

Choose the June Blogger of the Month

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