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Girls Tennis Network Throwback Thursday

#TBT that day you wanted to quit, but you didn’t. Here’s to you! YOU GO GIRL!

Why such a big deal? Well, sometimes, the more we play a sport or instrument or dance, the more we love it. Something clicks and we feel like we could do that thing all day, every day. Do you do something like that?

But then, something happens. It’s like all of a sudden, when we hit 12-14 years old, what we used to love, becomes work.

Truth is, as we get better at many things — from math to music to sports — a time comes when we we actually need to choose to work at it; to work hard at getting better.

Has this happened to you? How? When?

Sometimes girls quit when this happens to them. Or they move on to something else. Or they start to figure out what they care about and they put all of their energy into that.

One girl who decided to work her hardest at something she loved, was Maria Kirilenko, a world-famous Russian tennis player. She looked at her tennis game as a journey. She saw every day as part of a journey of learning and development. So some days she was victorious. Other days she had setbacks. But here’s what she said:

“Gradually with every year I’ve gained experience… every year was better than the last… each year I had good wins against strong players.”

Her message for you? Keep learning, and keep developing.  Value the small victories and gradual improvements, don’t give up when what you’re what you are doing gets tough!

What’s your story? Have you had to choose to work harder or move on? Tell us about it right here!

Thanks Girls Tennis Network for this amazing story. YOU ROCK!

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