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girls can change the world
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Want to show off your Star Power? Try this! Make your skin glow and smell yummy with our special Peach Face Mask.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 soft medium peach, mashed with a fork
. 1 tablespoon honey
. Oatmeal

Here’s what you’ll do:
Mix ingredients together. Apply to freshly cleaned face and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. Does your face glow? Love the smell?

Tell us how it goes! Have fun!

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Word of the Week
iTwixie Word of the Week

Way to go, @goldentettle! You are our winner for the Word of the Week Challenge! Thanks for your sentence using the word friendship! I think we all agree with you… we love friendship, too! Now, @goldentettle, just send your parent’s mailing address to “info@itwixie.com” and you’ll get a surprise within the next 30 days!

Ready for this week’s Word of the Week?

Here’s the new Word of the Week: overcome

How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Works:
Check with iTwixie every Wednesday morning to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new iTwixie Word of the Week. Then, take the Word of the Week Challenge! All you have to do is write a sentence in the comments section below, using the new Word of the Week. Try and write a sentence that shows what that word means to you. Get writing, girls!


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Week 12: Books Battle Leader Board
Week 12

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Here are the Leaders for Week 12 of iTwixie’s Summer Books Battle!

GalacticLullaby read 8,669
Silverstream read 20
gothgirl reviewed 5
tefy21 read 3
SilverLynx wrote 5

gothgirl, lubist and FableHaven each made 1
BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS Unahachichi recommended 7
iTwixie is the most amazing hangout for the coolest girls on the web.


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Robert Morris University Role Models for Girls

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Associate Actuarial Analyst
UnitedHealthcare Community & State

In the actuarial world you must think about things that might happen in the future. Does that mean you need to be a palm reader? Ha! Not quite…

iTwixie: When did you know you wanted to work in actuarial science?

Candice:  In high school. I was thrilled to discover a career in Mathematics.

iTwixie: Oh, so actuarial science is all about MATH! No way! Very cool.

So, did you ever have to overcome a challenge and how did you do it?

Candice: Deciding to leave the country in which I grew up to pursue a career with which very few people were familiar. It took a lot of strength but I reminded myself of my goal and I stuck to it.

iTwixie: When you look back at your years at RMU, what do you feel most proud about accomplishing?

CandiceMy biggest reward was knowing that I managed to balance a hectic academic life with a healthy social life.

iTwixie: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing girls today?

Candice: I believe the number one challenge for girls is finding the courage to do what inspires them. There are a lot of ideas of what girls should aspire to be, how they should look, how they should behave and what they should want.

iTwixie: What advice do you have for girls?

Candice: Pursue Your Dream. When you realize what your calling in life is, just go for it. It may seem difficult, even unattainable but you have to try. I admit that even now I look back and I can’t believe what I have accomplished, or where I found the drive.

iTwixie: Why are tennis balls fuzzy?

Candice: Tennis balls are fuzzy so that they can remove scuff marks from floors. The felt has the perfect texture for removing these blemishes, rough without being too abrasive, like the perfect actuarial exam.

Candice, you are so courageous! You have done things that even amaze you. That is fabulous. Love that. You rock!

Ok, iTwixie girls, what do you think of Candice’s advice? Ready to be courageous enough to do what you really want? Pretty inspirational, yes?  Why do YOU think tennis balls are fuzzy? Tell us right here, in the comments section below!


Robert Morris University’s Department of Athletics provides opportunities for student-athletes to receive a quality experience both in the classroom and in intercollegiate athletic competition. Athletics enhances the intellectual, social, and personal development of our student-athletes, helping them to grow through their experience at the University and to prepare for meaningful careers and lives.

Find out more about how you can reach your dreams with RMU and visit rmu.edu for more information.

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Top 10 Tween Websites

These are the top 10 websites, nominated and voted for by iTwixie Tween Girls:


Thanks so much, girls, for creating this great list! Now what do you think about reviewing them?



(Photo Credit: abbamouse)

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Vote for Your Fave Websites

Check out this great list of fave websites made by iTwixie girls! Do you see your fave websites here? You can add one in the box labeled “other!”  You can also vote more than once.

[gravityform id="30" name="Vote for you fave websites right here!" ajax="true"]

Next week, on June 13, iTwixie will list the top 10 Tween Girl Websites!! Check back to see if you agree ;)



(Photo Credit: San Jose Library)

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Fave Tween Websites

Let your iTwixie BFFs in on your fave places to go online! Just enter at least 5 of your fave websites in the comments below. Really, it would be so fabulous if you would list your fave websites no matter how long the list is!! Then we will have a great list to vote on ;)

Next week, on June 6, we will put together a list of your fave websites for you to vote.

Then on June 13 we will put up YOUR list of the top 10 Tween Girl websites.

This is gonna be so much fun. Join in!


(Photo Credit: Extra Ketchup)

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