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DIY Power Water

Take a gallon of water, put it in a pitcher, add 3 sliced lemons, and drink a glass a day all week long. Enjoy! Here’s why:

Add Lemon?

  • They taste delicious!
  • They provide vitamin C to fight off illnesses
  • The antioxidants in lemons helps keep our skin, organs and brain

What’s the deal with water?

  • Water helps to keep your skin looking clear and healthy
  • Water helps your body control its temperature – too hot or too cold? – drink some water!
  • Water helps muscle tone and washes away the acids produced by hard exercise
  • Water can even reduce headaches, muscle aches and itchy skin!

Give it a week and see if you feel better when you add a little lemon to your water! Tell us right here!

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10 Beat the Heat Tips
Water slide

Summer temperatures are only getting hotter. So if  you have practice, plan to spend the day at the beach or need to get ready for a big game, make sure to follow these 10 tips to avoid passing out! Even better — keeping hydrated means you can play your best and feel fantastic.

So here are iTwixie’s 10 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat:

10. Start drinking water regularly TWO DAYS ahead of when you’re planning on being out in the heat. TWO DAYS!

9. Be sure to wear a water-wicking fabric; not cotton.

8. Keep drinking small amounts of water regularly, all day long. Sports drinks are ok, but many doctors recommend against using them to hydrate because they really contain a lot of sugar. So plan to drink water instead.

7. In fact, plan to drink around 16 oz. of water after every 30 minutes of a playing your sport or working out.

6. Bring snacks that are 90% water, like watermelon, carrots, strawberries, broccoli, cantaloupe or cucumbers.

5. Be sure to eat a good snack with lots of fiber and protein, like trail mix, frozen yogurt or apples and peanut butter at least 15 minutes before you play.

4.  When you’re off the field or get a break, be sure to find some shade. If you’re going to be in an open area without access to shady areas, pack an umbrella and take some time to give your body a break from the sun.

3. Pack a cooler of ice, to keep your water and snacks extra cold and crispy, and put a wet towel in it to put on your face once in a while. It will refresh your senses and cool down your body.

2. Bring a spray bottle of water to give you and your friends or teammates a fun way to cool off each other. Or see if there’s a place nearby to make a few water balloons for an end of the day celebration. Get ready for the balloon fight by agreeing to let each other get hit! Water balloons can refresh and lighten a tense, overheated crowd. Always be sure to pick up all of the remnants of the balloons when you’re done ;)

1. STRETCH after you’re done. Stretching is always important, but especially on a hot day. In addition to keeping hydrated, stretching can keep your muscles from tightening up and will help you relax and breathe deeply, even on a hot day.

ALWAYS REMEMBER  to tell an adult if you start to feel dizzy, get a stomach ache or if you get a muscle cramp. Hot days bring a lot of challenges, so if you aren’t feeling your best, you may just need additional time out of the heat and an adult can help figure that out.

Got any other special tips for Beating the Heat? Tell us right here:

(Photo Credit: Jenn Durfey)

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