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21 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Jill Wetzler
Famous Women Engineers

Number 21: Lyft’s Jill Wetzler

No. 21: Lyft's Jill Wetzler

Do you dream big like Jill Wetzler did? Then keep dreaming and you might be a success just like her! Today, Wetzler is director of engineering at Lyft. She leads the ride-sharing company’s core services and infrastructure organizations. She also helped create UpLyft Tech, the internal group that celebrates diversity and inclusion within engineering. She came to Lyft from Twitter, where she managed teams of engineers and data scientists. She began her career at Salesforce, working her way up from entry level to manager.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this very cool list of pro’s!

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20 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Komal Mangtani
Famous Women Engineers

Number 20: Uber’s Komal Mangtani

No. 20: Uber's Komal Mangtani

She dreamed of big things. She worked hard. And now Komal Mangtani is head of business intelligence at Uber. She’s a member of Uber’s engineering leadership, having joined Uber from Box where she was previously the head of engineering there. Box poached her from VMware.

The BI team is the critical underbelly at Uber. It provides real-time analytics to enable millions of real-time financial transactions while combating fraud. Her team also provides the tech that allows the business to analyze things like new market opportunities and overall business performance.

Mangtani is also active in promoting women in tech. She serves as an advisory board member of Women Who Code.

Thank you Business Insider for bringing these superheroes to us!

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19 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Clara Liang
Famous Women Engineers

Number 19: Airbnb’s Clara Liang

No. 19: Airbnb's Clara Liang

Can you imagine leading a world class company in how to create new products? Clara Liang is doing just that. She is a director of product at Airbnb. She leads the product teams responsible for trust and safety, experience architecture and infrastructure. Sounds like a lot, right? It sure it: she has her hand in everything from the company’s all important anti-discrimination efforts to its developer tools.

And it wsn’t the first time she had all of this to do – she used to be the chief product officer at Jive and cut her teeth at IBM before that.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this incredible list of world class pro’s!

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18 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Joy Dunn
Famous Women Engineers

Number 18: SpaceX’s Joy Dunn

No. 18: SpaceX's Joy Dunn

Do you have dreams of space travel? You may be like Joy Dunn! She is SpaceX’s lead of New Product Innovation. She runs the task force that brings new products into production while maintaining the resources for existing rocket programs. She’s been at SpaceX since 2009 and has worked on everything from the first commercial spacecraft in orbit, to docking with the International Space Station, to the passenger rocket, the Crew Dragon vehicle. In her previous role of senior manager of Dragon engineering, she led a team of 65 engineers who built the Dragon rocket ship. When she’s not building rockets she can be found helping out a whole list of organizations that encourage kids to explore science and tech. See? She’s just like you!

Thanks, Business Insider, for this terrific list of world class dreamers and doers!
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17 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Tamar Bercovici
Famous Women Engineers

Number 17: Box’s Tamar Bercovici

No. 17: Box's Tamar Bercovici

Do you know anyone who made her dreams come true? Tamar Bercovici dreamt of doing great things and now she is Box’s director of engineering. She’s responsible for the teams  building Box’s database, cache, messaging and computer infrastructure. She’s been at Box since 2011. At that time, she was the first woman hired to its infrastructure department. She worked her way up from there.

Then, a year ago, she issued her first patent for a technology that helps clouding computing systems update data.

She rocks. Thanks, Business Insider, for this cool list of world class engineers!

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16 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Marianna Tessel
Famous Women Engineers

Number 16: Docker’s Marianna Tessel

No. 16: Docker's Marianna Tessel

When little girls dream big, they do big things. That’s the story behind Marianna Tessel. Now she is the senior vice president of engineering at Docker. Docker invented a whole new category of software development tools called containers that have, in a few short years, taken the tech industry by storm.

Tessel left her VP of engineering job at VMware a couple of years ago. Containers are seen as the disruptive technological heir to the tech that VMware invented in the 1990s, (known as virtualization). So it was a major score for Docker when Tessel joined its team.

Even before VMware, she had a long history of building engineering teams. She worked as a VP of engineering at Ariba and at early handheld device maker General Magic before that.

Thank you Business Insider for this incredible list of world class engineers!

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15 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Isabel Mahe
Famous Women Engineers

Number 15: Apple’s Isabel Mahe

No. 15: Apple's Isabel Mahe

She was just like you. She was a girl with dreams. Now, Isabel Mahe, is Apple’s vice president, wireless technologies. She runs an enormous team of engineers who handle the wireless technologies embedded into various Apple’s products. Apple’s products are loaded with wireless features including WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC chips and its own home-grown tech.

Mahe was recruited by former Apple exec Scott Forstall and the company’s late CEO Steve Jobs back in 2008, poached from then-hot mobile device company Palm, and she has a number of patents to her name.

She also serves as an industry advisor for UC Berkeley and an advisor for the Silicon Valley China Wireless Technology Association.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this amazing list of world class engineers!

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14 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Susie Armstrong
Famous Women Engineers

Number 14: Qualcomm’s Susie Armstrong

No. 14: Qualcomm's Susie Armstrong

Are you just like Susie Armstrong? Are you dreaming of doing big things? Then you are just like her! Armstrong was a little girl with big dreams and now is senior vice president, engineering at Qualcomm. She’s been at Qualcomm for 22 years and is known as one of the engineers who pioneered the mobile Internet, inventing the software that allows cell phones to deal with data. That means everything from accessing web pages to using apps and viewing photos.

At Qualcomm she’s led a variety of teams ranging from software engineering to the mobile chip-set division and she’s served as the head of worldwide customer engineering.

Her colleagues know her for her work leading the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab, a classroom engineering lab where students can make stuff.

Thank you Business Insider for introducing us to these powerful engineers!

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13 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Sarah Clatterbuck
Famous Women Engineers

Number 13: LinkedIn’s Sarah Clatterbuck

No. 13: LinkedIn's Sarah Clatterbuck

When Sarah Clatterbuck was growing up, she had big dreams, just like you. And now she is director of engineering for LinkedIn’s Application Infrastructure. Clatterbuck leads a team that works on what’s known as ”presentation infrastructure,” the tech that dictates the usability and the look of LinkedIn’s products. For instance, she built LinkedIn’s Accessibility team. And she built an open source team to work with LinkedIn’s flagship application architecture, internally known as Pemberly, the largest-scale Single Page App (SPA) in the industry. She’s also filed for two patents.

She’s active in the women in tech community, a sponsor of the company’s high school internship program and she serves on the  board of Girl Scouts of Northern California.

Thank you, Business Insider, for this great list of world class engineers!

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12 of 31 Engineers Like You: Meet Anjali Joshi
Famous Women Engineers

Number 12: Google’s Anjali Joshi

No. 12: Google's Anjali Joshi

Once upon  a time, a little girl named Anjali Joshi dreamt of doing big things. She learned a lot and worked hard and now is vice president of Product Management at Google. In her 10+ years at Google, Joshi has worked as a product and engineering lead for numerous products including search, image search, health search, maps, translation, localization. She’s worked on Google Fiber, Google’s cloud and infrastructure as well as News and Finance.

She’s known internally as a engineer leader that can tackle really large complicated problems.

She got her start in the telecom industry, launching her career at AT&T Bell Labs.

Thank you Business Insider for introducing us to these world class engineers!

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