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Broadway Shows
Broadway by Willem van Bergen

Just click on the name of a play or musical you have seen on Broadway and review it for all your iTwixie BFFs!
(special thanks to @peanutbutterclub14 for this great idea!)

Lion King

Don’t see a Broadway show you would like to review? Just add it in the comments below and iTwixie will add it pronto ;)

(Photo Credit:  Willem van Bergen)

  1. I want to listen to Freak the freak out

  2. Guys there is a spongebob broadway show

  3. #IheartBroadway

  4. i love broadway tooo!!!!!!!! i want to be an actress one day.btw. if any of u guys have Netflix,there is a broadway musical called Shrek on Netflix!!!!!!!!! if u haven’t already watched it u really need tooo!


  5. Phantom of the Opera is amazing!!

  6. Broadway and acting are basically my life so prepare for a loooooooooong list:

    Pippin (The revival one)
    Finding Neverland
    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    Les Miserables
    Into the Woods
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Beauty and the Beast
    Something Rotten

    I’ve been in lots of musicals and I’m currently doing the Lion King! Does anyone else like these musicals?

  7. I LOVE singing in the rain and the lion king and Mary poppins

  8. I wish I could go and see Chicago! Personally I think it’s one of the best musicals from Broadway, but it really isn’t a family show. Once there was a mother and a young boy sitting next to me and I heard the boy go “Ma, I didn’t like it. I didn’t get it at all, so boring!” which is pretty understandable. But for the little older crowd it’s just perfect! If someone doesn’t love the songs even tho it’s jazz it’s because they really don’t care for music, they have such catchy tunes!

  9. I think I’ve been to some Broadway shows before, but they do look pretty great in my perspective.


  10. I wanna see Rock of Ages

  11. i love Broadway i just did legally blonde jr. i played elle woods

  12. I really like In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Who Should Be Shot).


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