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Cell lights 3

Have you gone to a concert this summer? What did YOU think? Review the concerts you have gone to, or just see what your BFFs have to say about them, right here:

Taylor Swift

One Direction

Justin Bieber

Cody Simpson

Demi Lovato

Jonas Brothers

Matchbox Twenty

The Goo Goo Dolls


Add a concert YOU want to review in the comments section and check back to add your reviews, right here!

  1. I’ve never been to a concert before. I bet it’s great!

  2. I am going to a P!NK concert and an Ed Sheeran concert this year

  3. I really wanna go to a Taylor swift concert I think she’s making a new album!!! But my mom says she doesn’t like the 1989 pop album so that mean she will be making a new pop album

  4. I really wanna go to a Vocaloid concert!!! <3 But I don't think mom would wanna pay since they're fictional characters, and she doesn't even know who they are. (I especially want to see Hatsune Miku and The Kagamine Twins live!!!)

  5. I’ve only been to Christian singer concerts. But I REALLY wanna go to a Melanie Martinez concert!!! She is so amazing! I just adore her! Probably won’t be able to go to one of hers until I’m, like, 16 or something because she swears. ;-;

  6. Does panic at the disco perform concerts?? I would love that!!

  7. I don’t think I’ve been in to any music concerts before, but I really wish I can go to YouTube concerts.. or is that kind of like tours?


  8. Big ticket summer is touring around Canada this summer and it’s perfect for kids


  10. Heh, I wanna see Ghost Town and Falling in Reverse who are touring together, or Joan Jett, who’s opening for The Who. Black Veil Brides might also be going on tour, but Ghost Town and FIR would be my ideal concert, two of my favorite bands, touring together! And Joan Jett is the QUEEN of Rock ‘N Roll. I wonder if Marilyn Manson is touring anytime soon… Oh well, sorry gals, no pop for me. No offense but its far from my cup of tea. Have fun at the concerts though, but a few rock concerts on here wouldn’t kill anyone, right? Maybe Joan Jett’s…?

    • I don’t listen to rock much but my dad,sister and stepdad listen to it all the time, so I’ve heard a lot. I think one of my favorite bands though, would be linkin park. They’re one of the first bands my dad played for me. I guess I like all genres, but I don’t listen to them all equally.

      • Yooo, Linkin Park was my first rock band, they’re pretty good actually! I’m more into punk rock to be honest, but Linkin Park always makes it’s way onto my playlist

  11. I’m going to go see a taylor swift concert in october, and I’m really excited about it! Only four months away! Is anyone else going to go, because that would be pretty cool. :D

  12. I’m seeing one direction and Taylor swift in concert. I also really want to see ugly azalea, is she appropriate for kids

  13. The next One Direction tour is called On The Road Again. I wish i could go!

  14. One Direction NEW world tour Where We Are (WWA)
    on August 9th in Gillette Stadium, Boston is the first show in America.

  15. Anybody seen a Katy Perry concert? I want to so bad!

  16. Matchbox Twenty and The Goo Goo Dolls: Awesome concert!! The bands played right on schedule and Matchbox Twenty even had a encore! They sounded like they did on their albums! 5 stars out of 5 on my scale!

  17. Why concerts??? Why dont we have a review of Musicals??? I am really into broadway. I barely keep up with the music today because I am always listening to broadway music. I feel that broadway music has every kind of music. Their can be a few different “songs” in one!!! Some of my favorite Musicals are Newsies, Mathilda, Wicked, Anything Goes and Annie Get your Gun. Anyone else into broadway???

  18. How about Matchbox Twenty and The Goo Goo Dolls? going to see them next week can’t wait!

  19. I went to a Hilary Duff concert once! It was AMAZING. They used all kinds light effects and she was awesome. Of course, this was quite a few years ago now but still! Something I’ll never forget!

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