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iTwixie’s Song Battle: Ylvis’s “The Fox” Versus Beyoncé “Pretty Hurts”
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“The Fox” has won iTwixie’s song battle for the past four weeks — but Beyoncé’s got a beautiful new track featuring thoughtful messages for girls to consider.

Check out some of the lyrics to this new song:

Pretty hurts/ We shine the light on whatever’s worst/ perfection is the disease of a nation/ pretty hurts, pretty hurts.

We bet this is going to be our closest battle yet. So who are you voting for this week?

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Vote until December 28! And don’t forget to spread the word! The more people who participate, the more fun we will have!


Preview The Fox on iTunes






Preview Pretty Hurts on iTunes


(Photo credit: bigpresh)

  1. The fox, no doubt about it.

  2. Beyonce Is Talented and Pretty hurts has a real message. The Fox song is catchy yes but it has no real meaning.

  3. Beyoncé maybe?

  4. you should listen to descendants what’s my name catchy beat!

  5. U guys should do a 24kmagic from Bruno Mars Vs beauty and the Beast from Arianna Grande ft John Legend


  7. I don’t like Beyonce

  8. “What does the fox say” Is my choice for this week.

  9. just listened to both and pretty hurts. dont normally listen to beyonce but the fox song is driving me insane!

  10. i’d have to go with ylvis even thought taylor swift’s bad blood and blank space
    are my favorites.

  11. I’d say “Pretty hurts” is better, it has such an important meaning. I’m still listening to it, and I think Beyonce has an amazing voice. “The fox” really wasn’t that bad, but it’s been a while since it came out and was a thing, and I think it kind of died after it’s time…

  12. I would go for “The Fox” song. I just think it’s catchy and cool. I don’t listen to Beyonce, so yeah…


  13. I like what does the fox say. And this is what he says the fox fox doesn’t say anything he has the right remain silence got the second sentence from facebook.

  14. The fox is catchy but has no meaning what so ever. I love music and beyonces pretty hurts is one if my fave songs. However, it is not my favorite of all the songs I love but, between these 2 I choose pretty hurts :)

  15. @misschrissa @nik-nik3
    I think you guys shouldn’t have fought because you guys both have your own opinion and everybody knows that.

    ‘Imitate me just as I imitate Christ.’
    -1 Corinthians 11:1
    Just sayin’ ❤

  16. my little brother loves what does the fox say so does every body else in the family

  17. lips are movin is the best song ever not what does the fox say

    • @misschrissa, you have to calm down! We were just choosing between the two songs, not every single song on the planet! Lips are movin is a good song, but that is just your opinion. Not every girl has to think the same thing. :(

    • I’m with @nik-nik3 To me, the best song ever is “I Get Wicked” by Thousand Foot Krutch. But that wasn’t an option. In truth, I liked both songs, but I don’t do pop, I’m a head-banger heavy metal death-by-scremo type girl. But, don’t get defensive, nobody’s opinion can be right or wrong, they’re opinions.

      “Is it true what they say, that words are weapons? And if it is, then everybody best stop steppin’, Cause I got ten in my pocket that’ll bend ya locket” ~ X-23

  18. no it is not!”Lips are movin” is the best song EVER not What Does the fox say.so do you get it jellybeanicecream!

  19. no it is not!”Lips are movin” is the best song EVER not What Does the fox say.so do you get it jellybeanicecream!


  20. I like pretty hurts a bit more than the fox Beyoncé has such a smoothing voice and they have a loud mind blowing voice

  21. I like Beyoncé because she has a beautiful voice and she is talented

  22. I like beonce because she has a beautiful voice and she is very talented

  23. what does fox say is the most awsome song in the world

  24. pretty hurts by miles.

    too bad it kinda flopped tho… #justiceforprettyhurts

  25. pretty hurts by miles.

    too bad it kinda flopped tho…

  26. I don’t really like “What Does the Fox Say?”

  27. Pretty hurts has a GREAT message, and I do like some pop music, but Pretty Hurts just is not my style. I vote the fox because it is fun and really fun to dance to.

  28. I love the song The fox, but pretty hurts has such a deep meaning,and the fox has no meaning what-so ever. The lyrics are actually saying something positive to girls everywhere who are self-conscious about what they look like. So I’m going to have to go with beyonce on this one…

  29. “The Fox” might be truly the worst song I have ever heard. Not being mean to anybody who likes it, I’ll admit it’s pretty catchy, but “Pretty Hurts” actually has meaning and the lyrics from “The Fox” sound like a dream Ylvis had. Sorry, everyone, but “Pretty Hurts” has more meaning and plus Beyonce is queen.

  30. I vote for The Fox, It’s too catchy, and it is actually educational, and who can say no to a super awesomely catchy song that has educational parts? Not me! :-D

  31. I love “The Fox.” It’s really catchy and somehow everyone at my school is singing it haha xD

  32. look at it this way what does the fox say is pretty awesome but it doesn’t have meaning were as pretty hurts is meaning full and helps young girls in there teenage years get through hard times at school I see girls get bullied to much these days so I think BEYONCE is the way to go so I agree with you oreomg plus I love singing and if you come past me at school youl hear me singing so that’s my opinion anyway MINIPINA OUT :)

  33. No but every girl needs a positive message and The Fox doesnt really say anything.

  34. WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY! Nobody can beat it in my opinion. Its not my favorite song though so i guess my faves can……

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