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One Direction: This Is Us

What did you think of – One Direction: This Is Us

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How many :) s would you give this movie?

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  1. I loved this movie!! All my friends hate one direction and would not see the movie :) one direction is amayzayn and even though zany left he is still my favorite :) :) :) :) :)

  2. I watch this movie like every day. It’s an amazing movie about how zayn,Liam,Harry,Niall and Louis became a band. It’s very funny and fascinating. You should definitely see this movie. #zayn left the band

  3. I watched this movie just about a week ago and all I can say was it was so funny and I loved it!! It was amaZAYN, extroardinHARRY, fabuLOUIS, brilLIAM, and phenomiNIALL.
    You should definitely watch it if you are a Directioner and you’ll love it! 1D

  4. THIS FILM IS ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINHARRY, AMAZAYNE, LOVELOUIS, (and the other two including Liam and Niall) It is one of THE BEST films ever! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  5. Too beautiful for words

  6. One Direction This Is Us Movie Was AMAzayn!!

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