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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

What did you think of – Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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  1. the books are way better than the movies

  2. The movies stink compared to the books! I mean the only thing they got right was the names

  3. – Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters i love the movie i never read a book before even though i have saw a book at barns and noble its not in La port i have watched almost all the Percy Jackson movies i love them :) :) :) :) :)

  4. I liked the book better. But I liked that scene where Percy knocks someone off the boat with a wave, because at that moment my brother shouted “SHAKISHA NOOOOO!” And I just cracked up!

  5. All bookworms will agree the book is wayyyy better!

  6. I liked it but why did it have different people?!?!

    • there are different people because they are characters that were cut in the first one, but are important in the second. They are in the first book if I recall correctly.

  7. hated the movies! ANNABETH IS NOT A REDHEAD

  8. I haven seen this movie but ive been wanting to since is saw previews I loved the books I thought the first movie was good but it was so different from the book it was insane

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