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10 Tips on How to Be Successful in Middle School
August 19, 2009


1. Stay on top of your homework and turn it in! Sounds easy but lots of first year middle schoolers say it’s one of the most difficult parts of middle school.

2. Write it down! In middle school, no one’s checking to make sure you’re writing down all of your homework.  So don’t put this off to the end of the day. As you get homework, write it down – then as you finish it, cross it off!


Figure out what’s hard for you! A lot of middle schoolers say that making their study tools — like flash cards and taking good notes — is the hardest part of studying. What about you?

4. Be friendly! Sometimes middle schools bring a bunch of different schools into one bigger school. This is good news because a bigger school can mean more friends and fun! Keep an open mind about meeting new people. Be friendly and say hi. Remember that all of the other kids are just as excited and nervous about meeting people, too. Here’s some tips on how to be a best bud!

5. Be yourself! There’s no one just like you. So be you! If you’re not in to music, don’t fake it. Show off what you’re in to, instead. If you love soccer, dance, yoga, cooking, whatever – show that off! Are you all about art? Share your drawings and notebook doodles!

6. Stand up for yourself! If you run across a bully or someone who’s just not nice, stand firm. Simple phrases like, “Hey, that’s not cool” or “No one thinks what you’re saying is funny” can stop the bullying or meanness right in its tracks. So, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, or even to stand by your BFFs. Here are some more tips on how to deal with bullying.

7. Speak up in class! In middle school you’ll get the chance to say what’s on your mind and work together with other kids. Share your opinions and your talents with your fellow students. Everyone needs to hear your point-of-view!

8. Listen, too! As you’re doing a great job speaking out, make sure you remember to listen to other kids, too. There’s nothing worse than working on a group assignment when a kid won’t listen to the other ideas. So listen to others and together you can be a huge success!

9. Keep trying! Sometimes in middle school it seems like there’s so much to get used to and to learn, that a day might go by that just feels overwhelming. Keep plugging. You’ll get it down. Everyone in your class is struggling with something just like you, so you’re not alone.

10. Talk to your parents! If you need help with a subject, a bully, a friend or just can’t get on your own two feet, tell someone. Tell your parents, your teacher, your coach, or your school counselor. The sooner you tell an adult, the sooner they can start helping you. We all need help sometimes! And with a little help, you can be a huge success.

Make this the best year ever!

What do you think? Is this helpful? What’s on your mind? Got some more tips? Tell us right here in the comment section below.





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