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10 Ways to Make This School Year Great by ConverseGirl98
August 29, 2010



1. STAY ORGANIZED. Yes, this means cleaning out your binders & folders on a regular basis, and making sure that locker of yours will close!

2. Got friend problems still from last school year? If you and your friend haven’t patched things up by now, try and make new friends; hey you have nothing to lose!

3. Nervous about the pressure of being one year older, and being expected to perform at a certain level? No stress. Reach out to a trusted adult–they’ve probably been through this before.

4. going to a new school this year?? New people, new classes, new everything: don’t sweat, you will get use to all those changes with in the next week!

5. D-R-A-M-A is never worth anything. School is for learning, not for involvement in gossip, lies, or any of that. And girl– you are too pretty & classy for drama anyways!

6. Be that girl that everyone wants to be friends with because you are yourself, not because you wear the coolest clothes. 

7. Help out the new girl. Hey, just one little compliment could start a life-long friendship.

8. Be nice to everyone. By everyone, I mean everyone! [teachers, students, principals, ect.]

9. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Maybe you’re not great at math but there’s one girl with an A in math and it makes you jealous. Just remind yourself you can’t be great at everything.

10. Study, study, study! You can never study enough, and your teachers will be able to tell if you worked hard on a test or worksheet. 

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