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15 Ways to be Green by LepordStorm
February 8, 2011


1: Recycle.
2: Turn lights off when you’re not using them.
3: Turn water off when you’re not using it.
4: Use your bike when you can.
5: Take the bus when you can. (It holds more people than cars can. So if one person each uses a car instead of they all go into one bus, then it would use a lot more energy.)
6: Compost if you can. ;3
7: Spend time outdoors.
8: Take showers, not baths, and don’t take 5000 hours.
9: Buy organic foods (IF YOU CAN! IM PUTTING THIS BECAUSE MY FAMILY DOESN’T BUY ORGANIC FOOD ALL THE TIME but when we can. We’re not the richest family).
10: Try to donate to the WWF if you can.
11: Don’t litter.
12: Pick up garbage if you see it.
13: Donate to thrift stores and buy from there when you can.
14: If you have a holey sock, don’t throw it away. You can sew it back together (if the hole isn’t too big).
15: With an old shirt you were going to get rid of, pass it down to your sibling or cut it up into cloth you can use for sewing a new stuffed animal or whatever.


~Save the Tigers From LepordStorm


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