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5 Running Drills to Help Tweens Get Into Great Condition
September 23, 2010


Go Uphill
Find a hill and run it! If it takes you 10 seconds to get up the hill, run it 3 times. If it takes you 15 seconds, run it twice. If it takes you 30 seconds or more to run up it – congratulations, you are done!

Run Fast For 30 Seconds
Once you’re all warmed up, give yourself about 30 seconds to run fast and then walk or jog to catch your breath. Run a 30 second stride 3 times during a 20 minute run.

Go Backwards
Find a stretch where you can run backwards for about 10 seconds and the continue running normally. Try and add this zany stride in at least twice during any run. Your feet will start to feel more skilled and you’ll feel a new confidence in… well… your feet!

Remember those hills in number 1? Now, jump up one of them. Just do this once or twice. It’s so difficult, but it’s a terrific way to strengthen your quadriceps. You’ll probably be sore the next day, so get ready!

Go Grapevine
Use the grapevine move – you know side step across, side step behind, side step across, side step in front, and so forth – at the beginning and ending of a run, to get your muscles warm and your coordination hot!

Try these 5 drills and challenge yourself! Try them for TWO WEEKS! And then let us know, do you feel stronger? More confident? More coordinated?

You go girls!

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