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A Dog's Life Club by mistybabydog2
June 11, 2011

Okay,so here is our main character:

Breed:Border collie
Color/Eye color:Brownish black with white socks and ears,and a spot over her eye.Eye color is brown with a white twinkle
Age:Almost 4 months,an orphan that lives in the woods
Personality:Friendly,and kind,loves to play.Sometimes mischevious.

This is what you do:Continue the story from where I start us off.Moon walked around a shed.She had to find a place quickly,for she was to have her puppies.She finally stopped at a broken down shed and hopped into the wheelbarrow that was there.Moon lied down for several minutes,and when she got up,6 puppies lay under her,but only two survived.Two were born dead,on only lived for a minute or two,and the other was very weak,and two of it’s legs were mishapen,so Moon threw him out.My brother, Sun and I[Star]survived.We were almost 3 months old when it happened.By our shed,there lived a fox.Mother always used to be afraid of the fox,because she was terrified that it would lift us away,so she taught us to fear that fox,named miss.Miss always used to go into the woods to hunt for food,so we played the mornings.When Miss left,I heard a gunfire,so did my brother.Sun let out a soft growl,and mother huddled us close to her.From that day on,Miss never came back.Mother tossed us out of the wheelbarrow,and I whined,it was a soft whine.Mother jumped off herself.Now I was scared.But she didn’t leave,so I let my fear go away.Instead,she let us follow her out of the shed,we had never done that before.She lead us to some garbage cans.She taught us how to tip them over,and we enjoyed raiding them.With my tummy satisfied,she led us back home.She put us by the wheelbarrow,and left.I huddled closer to Sun,hoping she would come back,but she never did.It was morning now,and mother usually returned at evening,but this time she didn’t,and I knew she was gone for good.Sun let out a growl,and he left too.He looked back at me every now and then.I thought of how he was my life,so I followed him.I let out a bark to let him know I was coming.We ventured out into the woods.Now it is your turn.You can write the story on your blog.A dog’s name is something that is important to them.You can make up your own character.

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