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A Green Challenge by Sanoe4ever
December 28, 2010

I really want to be green tween.

To me being green is more than just recycling and trying to stop pollution, to me it means to do it because you want to, and because you want to help.
Not just doing it to feel good after.
I am trying to go green as much as possible, so why can’t we all just at least try?

I think we could all do it so I have an idea.

If you can complete everything on this list by December 31st than I will make a video for you and I will play one of my other instruments! Okay here is the list…

(1) Recycle at least once a day
(2) Spend time out side, (be active, make a garden, swim, play in the dirt, build a sand castle)
(3) watch T.V. for only half an hour a day
(4) Go on iTwixie for half an hour a day
(5) Play with your pets (if you have pets)
(6) Try not to pollute our air
(7) Clean up after your self at beaches or oceans

That’s it! Try to do this.

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