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August 10, 2009


Hey Twixies! What’s happening?

I’ve been spending my summer performing all over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I’m having so much fun! When I’m not playing shows, I’m sitting on my bed with my guitar writing new songs. Songwriting is a great way for me to express how I’m feeling in a fun way!

So I was thinking, why not write some tips for iTwixie!  Have any of you ever written a song before?  It’s so much fun!  You feel so good when your song is complete, right?  If you’ve never tried writing a song before, you should totally try it! Here, I’ll help you get started:

The Topic

First thing‘s first. You’ve gotta figure out what you wanna write about, or The Topic! Here are some ideas:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • A pet
  • A favorite memory
  • Something you’re excited about
  • Something you feel kinda nervous about

If you need some inspiration, try taking a walk outside. Pay very close attention to everything around you. If you look carefully, you can find song ideas everywhere you go!

Once you’ve chosen your topic, start writing down everything that you think about this topic. Everything! Even if you think “that sounds dumb” or “that‘s not cool” just WRITE IT DOWN! Trust me, it works.

So now, you get to work! Decide what you want to write about and then write down 30 words about that topic! You can write them right here!

Have fun songwriting you guys! Check out Win an “Imagine” Luna Guitar – so kewl!!

Love,, too.  It’s cool!  You could win a guitar!  So get writing…


P.S. Check out “Go!” It’s on iTunes!! : ) : ) How kewl is that?

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