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Abominable Snowman
December 16, 2012

https://restaurantmartinwishart.co.uk/atom/5245 “He has many names but the most well known is the Abominable Snowman. You may have come to know him as  comment crГ©er un site internet de rencontres Yeti,   trader professionisti in opzioni The Great Bear, or  read here Raksha (Sanskrit for demon) but do not get him confused with  avis site de rencontre belgique Bigfoot or  http://yuktung.com.my/esnew/936 Sasquatch.”

free dating site in agra As far back as 1832, people have reported seeing him.  He is 7 to 10 feet tall, twice the size of an average humans (see picture) with a noticeably disagreeable aroma. He has been spotted all over the world, but most commonly in the Himalayas.

discover this The Abominable Snowman will always be know as an unidentified creature, part man, part ape. A monstrous animal that walks the Himalayas. He has walked the snow and ice for many years and has even come to be known in horror movie flicks. People will always be searching the great mystery of  The Abominable Snowman.

rencontre oldtimer Do you know any stories about the Abominable Snowman? Have you seen the movie?

take a look at the site here  

(special thanks to ThinkQuest for this summary!)


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